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A trip to Bonaire is not complete unless you've been able to enjoy the experience of pedalling along the terrain of our beautiful island. Bonaire was meant to be cycled on and our bicycle tours have something for people of all levels of fitness and cycling experience.

All our bike tours are done on Mountain Bikes provided by our tour company. Should you wish to bring your own mountain bike, please contact us for the adjusted rate.

Road bike tours are available upon request and for people who bring their own road bike to Bonaire.

*Notice: Our trips are rated on a 1-10 scale as far as fitness level and technical rating is concerned (1=easiest and 10=difficult). Please see the fitness and technical scales bellow the description of every tour and choose for the most suitable tour according to your personal fitness level. No heart conditions, pregnant women, people with asthma or recovering from open-heart surgery.

Our Bike Bonaire Tours

We'll take you through our beautiful island to really experience the outdoors, meet locals, eat our famous Bonaire's unique goat cheese and enjoy an adventure tour like no other. You'll experience Bonaire cycling at its best, traveling with our adventure guides and a few like-minded travelers. You will leisurely follow our professional guides and there will be intermittent stops along the way to learn about Bonaire's flora, fauna and natural history.

Our Bonaire cycling tours give you the chance to experience Bonaire biking like a local would. We've been cycling the roads, trails and routes of Bonaire for many, many years, so running cycling tours is something we take very seriously. On an ACTIVE BONAIRE bicycle tour you'll see the island, enjoy great exercise in crisp, clean air and enjoy the best cycling in Bonaire!

Goat Cheese Farm Tour

Location: Tras di Montaña
Duration / Mileage: 3 ½ to 4 hours, 16Km (10 Miles)
Price: USD$ 65.00 per person
Fitness / Technical Ratings: 4/3
Capacity: Min. 4 – Max. 20
Included: Mountain bike, helmet, drinks, goat cheese tasting

During one of our exploring rides, we discovered a beautiful countryside trail right in the back side of the famous hill of Seru Largu. This fun-filled ride is your opportunity to experience the amazing vistas and farms of Bonaire. The tour goes through a very peaceful farming area near downtown. It is a very easy ride and what is best you'll be rolling on your bike effortless on the way back. Visit interesting Aletta's goat cheese farm, taste Bonaire's unique goat cheese and explore the best of what Bonaire mountain bike trails have to offer.

Coast Tour

Location: 1000 Steps, Karpata, Gotomeer, Dos Pos
Duration / Mileage: 3 to 3 ½ hours, 20 Km (13 Miles)
Price: USD$ 50.00 per person
Fitness / Technical Ratings: 5/3
Capacity: Min. 4 – Max. 20
Included: Mountain bike, helmet, water, snacks

If you like to mountain bike, but don't have a lot of time to spare, this flat-fun bicycle tour is the perfect escape! You could even ride it on a comfort bike. We start cycling from downtown then ride north via low-traffic along the northern shoreline, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Short stops at breathtaking vistas such as 1000 steps, Tolo and Gotomeer Lake are planned, so that you'll have the opportunity to take pictures at these breathtaking vistas of Bonaire.

West to East Lagoen Tour

Location: West / East
Duration / Mileage: 4 to 4 ½ hours, 40 Km (25 Miles)
Price: USD$ 60.00 per person
Fitness / Technical Ratings: 7/7
Capacity: Min. 4 – Max. 20
Included: Mountain bike, helmet, drinks, snacks

Join us on our mountain bike journey through Lagoen's arid trails and be one of the few to experience their majesty! This bike tour is designed for serious mountain bikers. Get ready for a challenging rolling through goats' trails in the realm of Guatemala, Washikemba and Bolivia Ariba. Descend to Santa Barbara Crowns on a challenging single-track trail from Seru largu, where unbelievable single-track gives the rider a true test of skill.

Washington Slagbaai National Park Tour

Location: Washington Slagbaai National Park
Duration / Mileage: 4 ½ to 5 hours, 30 Km (19 Miles)
Price: USD$ 65.00 per person (entry fee to the park not included)
Fitness / Technical Ratings: 7/6
Capacity: Min. 4 – Max. 20
Included: Mountain bike, helmet, water, snacks

This National Park is an excellent opportunity for mountain biking exploration, recreation and educational activities. This land of dunes, salt pans and sandy beaches is located in the northwest part of the island. We've planned an unforgettable mountain bike trip into the park, taking full advantage of its unique character and outstanding rise and fall of ocean level riding. This bike tour begins with a flat-to-undulating road down Boka Kokolishi and Seru Bentana, and follows the curve of the coast to Boka Slagbaai, an old harbor with historical buildings and flamingos around the salt pan. The last 10K of the tour will lead us through a rolling road with hexagonal basaltic columns which were formed on the bottom of the ocean about 90 million years ago. Our ride finishes at the entrance of the park.

Note: the National Park entrance fee is not included; as a nature fee holder you may enter the Washington Slagbaai National Park free of charge by showing the written receipt of purchase of your tag. Nature fee is $15.00.

FREE pick up service is available.

We are happy to answer your questions and help you select a mountain bike tour based on your experience and interests.

Our Bonaire Bike Rentals

bike rental

We have a fleet of very well maintained bicycles from Cannondale & Fuji. Our bike rental services offer sport, performance and full suspension mountain bikes either for transportation use, exercise or for rough MTB rides.

City & Comfort Bicycle Rental:

3 days US$50,00
One Week US$90,00

With suspension on the front fork this bicycle keeps the ride smooth and getting there the best part of your trip. Perfect for getting around town or just having a fun riding experience.

Sport Mountain Bikes Rental:

The mountainbikes we rent are Cannondale F or Trail series with hard tails available.

3 days US$50,00
One Week US$90,00

All our mountain bikes are equipped with TUBELESS ready maxxis crossmark tires. NO FLATS!

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Rental:

For performance mountain bike rentals we offer the Fuji Outland PRO or Cannondale Rize equiped with Rock Shox Ario 2.2 Hydraulic damping w/LO and Rock Shox Reba SL fork. New Shimano SLX components.

All our mountain bikes are equipped with TUBELESS ready maxxis crossmark tires. NO FLATS!

3 Days US$81,00
1 Week US$178,50

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