Ashley IrvingAs a follower of Loving the Bike for the past few years, I’m very excited to be a part of the team.  I’ve been riding road bikes since I was 13 and since 2010 have been active in the racing community.  I’m currently on the Board of Directors for my bike club, NEBC, and have a long term goal of opening a bicycle shop and cafe here in Wilmington, MA.

By day I’m a web/graphic designer at ashleyidesign, and by night I blog over at aerochick regarding bike commuting, racing, training and travel.  In my past life I’ve also run a car club, helped run road rallies and started restoring a classic Vette, so you can say that cycling is my cheaper adrenalin fix.

My current adventure is going to be my move from the Boston area to Penang, Malaysia for the next two years, along with the husband, dog, cat and two of my six bikes.  I fully expect to come back to the states with more pets and more bikes.

You can get in touch with me at the sites above, or follow me on twitter at @ashleyidesign.