I love cycling.  Although I am more of a road cyclist myself….I love all bikes and totally love to see people riding them.  I crave to make it my only means of transportation.  I blog about all things associated in and around the bike….and you can think of our Loving the Bike site as a place that talks about cycling as a lifestyle.  I believe that everything in life revolves around a bike….and it’s better because of it.  In my opinion, the bike is the coolest commonality found between people and I think that is so awesome.  I am very happy to belong to the cycling blog community….these bloggers rock.

Why am I Loving the Bike?

I am loving the bike because it provides me with a means to keeping my body in good physical condition while enjoying every single minute of it. I love it because of the solitude and meditative state that is brings me to every time I’m on it. I love the connection it gives our family when out on a ride together. I love the craftsmanship and beauty of the design. I love the camaraderie and brotherhood among riders. I love the speed and knowing that I am moving myself solely by my own power. I love the fact that there is no better means of environmentally friendly transportation than the bike. I am simply loving the bike.

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