As the name implies, Loving the Bike is a site for bicycle lovers of all sorts and abilities.  We feel that all cyclists are champions whether you’re someone who gets out for the occasional weekend ride or are ripping it up in your local racing circuit.  We blog about all things associated with the bike and we can be thought of as a place that talks about cycling as a lifestyle.  Doesn’t everything things revolve around the bike?

We’ve also been called “the cycling version of Life is Good“.  We’re sure that has something to do with our popular Make it Happen Monday Series, but we do our best to make sure all our posts are motivating, inspiring, and include a little sprinkle of magic to make your day just a little bit better….not to mention your cycling.

We plain and simply Love Bikes

Cycling, as well as cycling blogging, is a team effort.  We are very proud to be a part of the Peloton of great cycling blogs found around the world.  To help others find and become fans of all the great cycling blogs, we have set up the Crank Listed Directory.

The Loving the Bike blog is a team effort as well.  Through the efforts of Darryl, Kassidy, Myron, Kelli, Stevie, and Blairmore Media we have been able to put this together and we are so happy to bring this blog to you.  Of course, everyone who checks in, reads, and posts comments is part of Team Loving the Bike as well…..definitely no point in doing this if it weren’t for you.  Thank You.