Loving the Commute: Commuter Profile – John Fry

For this month’s Loving the Commute I decided to take a moment to talk with a fellow commuter. If you would like to be a part of Loving the Commute, I would love to talk to you, send me an email (aaronthestrong@gmail.com) or reach out to me via twitter (@Aaronthestrong).  John is a good friend and also helping me to start a local Cycling Advocacy group for our town.  Enjoy our little conversation about John’s love of the bike and his commute!

Aaronthestrong: Who is John Fry and what kind of bike do you ride?

John Fry: I’m the father of 2 boys and the husband of the amazing Katie Fry. I like Purdue sports, drinking beers, camping and talking about how to improve the town I live in. I ride a 1994 Trek 850 Mt. Track XC as my commuter – getting around town bike. That’s possibly the world’s longest name for a bike, so it’s nicknamed ‘The Goodwiller’ because I bought it at Goodwill 2 years ago.

ATS: Why did you decide to start riding your bike to work?

JF: Truthfully, it was Twitter.  I follow a few organizations and people who talked about riding to work and I decided to go for it.  I was also looking for a consistent way to stay active, but never could find the time with 2 kids at home.  Riding to and from work seemed to be the easiest way to get exercise during the week.

ATS: What is your favorite part about commuting by bike?

JF: I like the feeling of starting the work day on a bike, it really gets you connected to were you live compared to boxing yourself inside a car.  Luckily, I can take two very different routes to work.  One is 100% on the road, the other is closer to 80% trails.  I can stop and look at the Wabash River, take pictures of Bald Eagles, get attacked by ducks and geese, wave at other walkers and bike commuters.  Or I can race cars over the bridge and mash it up Salisbury Hill if I want.

ATS: What is your least favorite thing about commuting?

JF: Nothing really.  I use to hate the hills, but now I love them. Sometimes I eat too much at lunch and feel too fat to ride a bike, but that’s more of an eating problem than a commuting problem.

ATS: Commuting is just a means of transportation, what kinds of cycling do you like to do outside of commuting?

JF: I love mountain biking.  This past year I competed in the entire DINO Series.  I’m not very good (yet), but it helps keep me dedicated to riding for fitness, instead of just commuting or family rides.  I suggest everyone try at least one bike race in their life, I bet it won’t be your last.

ATS: What is the best piece of advice about commuting you could give to someone thinking about starting to ride their bike to work?

JF: Don’t give yourself any excuses not to go in the morning, get everything ready the night before.  Also, get a rack to carry your stuff.  I never did, but I still plan on it.

ATS: What’s the deal?

John Fry: I know, right?  I’ve got a question for your readers.  I have a slick tire on the front of my commuter and a low tread MTB tire on the back.  One day I was riding and thought “Shouldn’t I switch these around?”  Traction on the front, surface area on the back?

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