#bikeschool: 10 down, 20 to go

We are already a third of the way through #30daysofbiking and Team #LovingTheBike is ‘performing’ really well. As one of the team Road Captains I thought it would only be proper and correct to sing your praises and try to raise the morale even higher with a run down of some of the last week’s worth of photo’s and comments. (Sorry in advance for the formatting… WordPress!)

Krissy showing everyone you can still participate without even going outside!

Craig Stauffer got arty with the camera... or did he get the settings wrong? The bike is the main thing though

I have to admit that this smiling oaf is my brother, Andy Wynn... 30daying it in the rain

Kayla Beaconsfield, one of the youngest members of Team #LovingTheBike takes a well earned nap

Krissy Nelson started the event off as she meant to go on with a little 17 mile ride before dinner! Good work Krissy

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