#bikeschool: ‘Joining the Century Club’ by Aaron Madrid

I chose the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure because their cause is one that is close to my heart.  There are countless charities that offer similar such rides all over the country.  Not only are you given an opportunity to ride, but you can raise money and awareness for a cause you believe in along the way. Taking this approach is a great way to give yourself an extra push, because once you sign up for something like that, it’s not just about you anymore, it’s about something bigger.  Take your time and choose an event that means something to you.  As you have undoubtedly already learned (or will soon as you ride more) mental power and heart are almost as important as physical training.  A ride you truly believe in will only help you focus and dig deep for that extra power. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time before the event.  My training plans will be useless to you if you don’t get out much and you choose a ride that takes place tomorrow.  The nice thing about many of these events is that they often offer multiple routes for various levels or riders.  I actually rode the Tour de Cure in 2011, but only did about 20 miles.  Trying the event last year allowed me to know what I was getting myself into this year and helped me visualize my goal.

Look out for the next part of Aaron’s write up coming soon. Leave any comment’s you have for Aaron below or catch him over on Twitter – @Aaronthestrong


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  • Mark Beaconsfield

    Welcome to the club Aaron. Go ahead, be a little egotistical, we dont mind. It is a great achievement that should be celebrated. For someone who has only been riding for a relatively short time, I think you are amazing and an inspiration for others to get on the bike.

  • Jeff

    I’m doing my first century in July so I will join in your club. Congratulations.

  • http://lovingthebike.com Darryl is Loving the Bike

    Congratulations once again, Aaron….plus good job on summing things up in this post. I really am very proud of you, my man and so happy to see you accomplish this. Looking forward to reading more about your century in the sequels to this one.

  • Ian

    I’m really proud of you brother! I look forward to the day we Keep the Rubber Side Down together.

  • http://twitter.com/twittyboyd Martha A. Boyd

    You are an inspiration, Aaron! Welcome to the Century Club!

  • Ron Ng

    Once you start on the century path, who knows … you might go on to be a double metric century rider, like me. That’s Loving the bike.

  • Charles

    I found training for a century ride is more the beginning than an end of training and getting faster and stronger.

    • http://about.me/Aaronthestrong Aaronthestrong

      As did I! There is much more to come after this post!