#bikeschool: LEG LUBE Review

Here at LovingTheBike.com we have hit the ground running in 2012 and I have no doubt that the vast majority of you are the same. With the prospect of a great year of cycling ahead whether it be for your own fitness or in competition why not have a new year’s resolution that is going to benefit you and you can actually keep up…!? Like leg shaving! We have been working with the chaps at LEG LUBE recently and are proud to bring you a review of their signature product. So read on and then treat yourself… you deserve it.


I’ve had many friends, male and female, laugh and guffaw at the hairy status of my legs since I took the decision to ‘go pro’ and start shaving. Although most of the girls are actually impressed with the superior job I do I think that’s probably down to how careful I am due to an inherent fear I’m going to sever an artery despite having done it loads of times. If you still haven’t bitten the bullet, just do it… it feels lovely on fresh bed sheets and is always a great way to start a conversation when you’re wearing shorts in the summer! Now that I’ve convinced those of you who still wear the hairy leg warmers to make the final sacrifice to be accepted into the full cycling brotherhood you should be rewarded…

Treat yourself

I have been testing a bottle of LEG LUBE for around a month now and I’ve been really impressed by the product. I have to confess and say that up until being sent a bottle of this gorgeous smelling ‘lube’, I have been using normal hair shampoo to shave with so having the LEG LUBE, which is designed purely for that purpose felt really nice and quite a treat to use. [Ed: The reasons for using shampoo are not completely clear to even myself]

The product is described as being ‘created by athletes – for athletes’ which makes a big difference I can assure you. There has been a lot of thought that has gone into the bottle of LEG LUBE; from the ‘unisex’ scent that appeals to both men and women and wont leave you feeling self-conscious, to the size of the bottle, which has been approved by the Transportation Security Administration so it is safe to travel with across the globe. That in itself is a great feature as it secures the brand being able to travel all over the world with athletes rather than being dispensed into small clear bottles.

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