#bikeschool: Tag Lines

We had a great #bikeschool session last week; good attendance, great answers and no injuries. If you couldn’t be with us then you missed a corker as always but you can always catchup with the #bikeschool questions and answers by going back through the Twitter timeline HERE. As the evenings professor I asked for ideas for a new #bikeschool catchphrase.

We hadn’t meant to entice you all in to doing our work for us and assisting with the creative process of running #bikeschool or LovingTheBike.com but with so many great answers we decided it was probably only right that we offer up a prize for all your hard work… So don’t let me ever hear any of you saying The Boss, The Hoserhead and the dancing monkey don’t look after you!

Below are some of the answers from the night that we have picked for you to vote on. There is the possibility for some late entries to make it into the line-up but the closing date for new entries will be Wednesday 1st of February 2012 at Midnight GMT. Have a read of the tweets below and vote on which one you think should become a #bikeschool catchphrase to help spread the love.

Option 1 – @noteon

Option 2 – JuiceLee337

Option 3 – @PinkChickRunner

Option 4 – @twittyboyd

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