The power of #bikeschool


If you don’t already know about the absolute biggest and greatest online meeting place for cyclists, then you most definitely need to check out #bikeschool in 2013.  If you don’t know the whole #bikeschool story and what it’s all about, have a quick read through our description of this weekly cycling Twitter chat.

#bikeschool really has taken on a life of its own, and we have the incredible online cycling community to thank for this.  Although I was one of three people who first created and launched this fun-loving cycling chat, I’ve sort of stepped down from the weekly organizing and hosting.  Our #bikeschool community is so strong and dedicated that even in the rare occasion that we cancel “class” for one week, the “students” go rogue and hold the chat anyway.  We’ve also brought on @twittyboyd who has been incredible and works each week at keeping things organized and making sure we always have a great “professor” leading the way.

It’s been a very long time since I ran the show, but last week I sat in as #bikeschool professor….and it reminded me just how amazing #bikeschool really is.

You just never know what will happen during class and our session last week was a perfect example of this.  In response to one of the questions about who people would like to come in as guest professor, @egggman suggested cyclo-cross pro cyclist, @AdamMyerson.  Within minutes, Adam responded and by the end of the night we had him dialled in to host class tomorrow night.

Adam Myerson Cyclocross Twitter

We were also powerful enough last week to get #bikeschool trending as a Twitter hashtag.  I’m not sure what it takes to make something like this happen, but we’ve done it a few times and all I know is it means we’re causing quite a stir in the twitterverse.

#bikeschool trending /></p><p>One of the coolest things about social media is it allows you to link up with like-minded people from all over the world.  What #bikeschool does is connects people with an incredible group of cyclists who like to joke around, have fun, and talk bikes (and tacos, and thong cyclists, and on and on).</p><p>Yeah, it is a cycling chat….but it’s far from a one hour discussion on bike mechanics and equipment.  In it’s almost 3 years of existence, the one thing #bikeschool has never been is boring.  The discussion is always fresh, exciting, fun, and interesting.</p><p>If it’s been a while since you’ve attended #bikeschool….I welcome you back.  I can guarantee that within the first couple minutes you’ll be kicking yourself for not coming back sooner.  If you’ve never been to #bikeschool before…stop asking <a href=“what is #bikeschool” and join in so you can see first hand what the buzz is all about.

#bikeschool on Twitter: Every Thursday at 9:00PM EST

  • Robert Rowe

    I love #Bikeschool. I planned on coming back to it during the winter months (when I thought our Thursday night Cruiser Rides would stop for the season), but discovered that many of us enjoy riding all year long!

  • Mark Beaconsfield

    It was through #bikeschool that I have met so many wonderful friends. Unfortunately, due to time differences and work, I am not able to join the class as often as I used to. I am looking forward to Febuary when I get to head the class, along with 12yo Kayla who has written some of the questions.

  • Greg

    Okay I really need to see what this bikeschool thing is about. Sounds interesting.

  • B. Morrison

    I love #bikeschool and already know how powerful it is. You guys have done a good thing for all cyclists.

  • Leo

    You did a great job hosting class last week Darryl. Tomorrow night should be a lot of fun with Adam hosting the class.