Winter Riding Wednesday – Bike Safe

My teammate, Myron, is back once again with a great new series that will run each Wednesday in December. In September, Myron posted up some awesome articles in a series he called “Mac Mondays” and I’m very stoked to have him back once again for this one. As you know, I’m not a winter riding kind of guy and this is why I escaped it and came to the Southern States. But I know there are a lot of riders who already are (or would like to) ride through the winter…so Myron is here to help you out with “Winter Riding Wednesdays”.

Welcome to the first installment of “Winter Riding Wednesdays.”  Kip Luce (from Saskatoon Saskatchewan’s Bike Polo group) gave a presentation to staff and students at Walter Murray Collegiate in November on how to get ready for the winter bike riding season (and Myron from Loving The Bike was there to film it).  Kip is a year-round cyclist and is a knowledgeable guy when it comes to winter biking.

(iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch version available here)

In part one, Kip gives a few tips on safety, equipment and cornering on snow/ice.  The main points to remember from this “Winter Biking Wednesday” bike school (look for #bikeschool on Twitter every Thursday evening) are to be visible, pick your route, go slow and be patient.  Enjoy your (winter) ride.

If you have more tips, please email or leave a comment.

  • motorcycle accessories

    Great video…Riding the bikes in winter is bit tougher as compare to summer… during the winters there is a-lot of wet roads….So this video will work as a guide to ride the bikes safely…

  • Kip

    Great editing job Myron; you made me appear semi-coherent. Thanks,

  • Myrna CG Mibus

    Excellent! I’m glad to see Winter Riding Wednesday and am looking forward to next Wednesday already. I would like to bike in the winter here in Minnesota but don’t really know where to begin and certainly don’t have all the gear as of yet. It will take time to get all set up but I’ll get there!

  • Pedalman

    Great stuff! I ride in every type of weather and winter riding is just as great as summer if you follow some easy steps that Kip suggests in the video.

  • Tim

    Good stuff here, even for those of us hiding in the southern tier. Very infrequently, we are subjected to “winter” and it is often used as an excuse for people to not ride. No reason you can’t if you follow this advice.