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Last month we held a contest to help us pick a tagline for Mocha Spoke which will be opening up soon here in Grenada.  We had a bunch of great suggestions and maybe we’re just being picky, but have yet to find the winner.

We’ve got a great prize pack for the person who gives us the tagline we end up using for the business….have a look at what we have to give away:

  • Road ID eCard ($35 value)
  • Hydrapak bottle or flask (your choice)
  • GU Electrolyte Brew Tablets & mix of traditional GU products

To help you out, let me try and explain a little bit more clearly what we’re looking for.  First of all, the name of the business is Mocha Spoke which already implies that we do coffee and bikes.  The business is a full out cafe that also does bike tours, rentals, and repairs.

There is going to be a lot more coffee drinkers than bike people who come to our business so we don’t want to set anyone off who isn’t digging the bikes like we are.  But we want a tagline that suggest that we have kick ass coffee and we’re the place to hang out….but also want people to know that we’re bike lovers and have everything for this market as well.

To have a look at what’s already been suggested, have a look at the first round of ideas: Click Here.

Let me know if you need me to point you in a better direction, otherwise please leave your tagline in our comments section.  We hope to find the winner soon.

We’ve got a winner….actually, winners.  Congratulations to @shinyredthings for supplying us with the winning tagline which was derived from a suggestion by Julie Starling.  Since they both had a part in the winning tagline, we’re going to split the prize and give them each something great:

Adventure is Brewing

Enjoy Your Ride
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  • Daniela Froehlich-Ruggle

    Where coffee and bike lovers meet

  • Daniela Froehlich-Ruggle

    Mocha Spoke: the place for your br(e)akes

  • Jordan White

    filling your day with coffee and cranks

  • Julie Starling

    Mocha Spoke: Brewing Up Adventure!

  • Shane Beardslee


  • Shane Beardslee

    Cheers Darryl – I am an avid reader of your bolg. We have never met, but your passion shines through…not only for bikes, but for your love of life. I have been thinking about you, your family, the freedom you have to pick up and just move to Grenada.(jealous) I also understand the need to connect with your core customer…the coffee consumer…and let your passion for bikes and life be involved too some how. So ya go…I hope you like it.
    Mocha Spoke: The difference between Awake and Alive!

  • Eric Hutchins


  • Stacey Hanna

    Mocha Spoke – Come for the ride, linger for the brew.

  • Mark Beaconsfield

    Mocha Spoke. Where you and your bike both get a fix

  • Mark Beaconsfield

    Mocha Spoke, the coffee peddlers.

    • Eric Hutchins

      THAT! is awesome.

  • Vitaly Gashpar

    Mocha Spoke – Keeping your wheels spinning

  • Emily Smith

    Coffee spoke-n here!

  • Joel Phillips

    Mocha Spoke…where the brewhaha begins!

  • William Dunkerley

    Mocha Spoke – Will make your day better

  • deke

    I like The Mocha Spokeasy
    or Mocha Brake
    or Kava Peddlers or Java Peddlers


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