More Than Just Young At Heart

First of all, I would like to send out a huge thank you to the people who willingly let me put their photos up on our website so that people could take shots at how old they think they are.  To look back at the details of the contest and see the actual ages revealed, please check out “How Old Are These Cyclists” Doing that takes a person who is very comfortable in their own skin, and I really appreciate you helping us out.

And the winner is……Congratulations to Alex Mathews (aka @asmathews) for having the closest overall guess on the ages.  He was +/- within 19 of the total combined ages.  Well done.  Honorable mention must go out to Kendall Hill (@velofreak) from Confessions of a Bike Junkie for doing some great research in discovering the actual age for our bonus question, and having a very close +/- second place score.

It was nice to see all the guesses come in as well as the very accurate comments that were made.  Those of you who stated that age is just a number and that what matters most is how you feel….totally hit it right. I’m not one for labels, and the labeling of age is no different.  Yeah, I’m 41 but inside I absolutely know that I am so much younger.  I’m pretty darn sure the same applies to those people who were a part of the contest, and you readers as well.

But does cycling have any part in keeping us feeling and looking young?  I don’t have actual statistics, but I would give that one a definite YES.  Maybe it’s the fact that bicycles and kids go together so well.  Maybe it’s the exercise and self-powered transportation.  Maybe it’s a combination of these and a whole lot more.  It’s all in the attitude, baby….and the disposition that being on a bike gives us has just got to contribute to the fact that so many cyclist look so young.

What do you think?  What is it about cycling that keeps you looking and feeling young?

  • VitaminLee

    I don’t know how to answer this to accurately get my thoughts across – see I don’t know if it’s cycling per se that keep a person looking and feeling young. I think it’s more doing what you’re passionate about that creates this feeling of happiness and well being. If we do what we love and love what we do then I think that “life” in all its aspects somehow fall into place. It’s all this happiness that shines through, making one look/feel young and vibrant.

    What I love to do is demanding my attention so… :-)

    • Darryl

      Great words….you really should have a blog of your own you know.

  • asmathews

    Thank you!

    I truly enjoy getting my exercise outdoors, and cycling is one of the best ways to do that. I’m so glad that a friend got me into cycling in 2005, because it has brought me good health, stress relief, new friends, and new challenges. Cycling may make us feel and look younger, but it does a lot more.

    • Darryl

      You are so right….all of the ingredients that come along with being a cyclist contribute to a healthy young body and mind, making us feel so good. I love it.