Vote For Your Favorite Cycling Butt

No, this is not a joke.  No, we have not been hacked.  Yes, we are asking you to vote for your favorite piece of cycling ass.

Twin Six Cycling JerseyA couple weeks ago, we invited you all to submit a photo of you (or one of your riding buddies) wearing cycling gear…..but we wanted to photo to focus on the butt region.  I honestly wasn’t sure how many of you would take us up on this, seeing as it’s sort of a touchy subject….but the response was fantastic.  Turns out that many people actually do like sharing pictures of their ass.  Or maybe it was the sweet prize pack from Twin Six that enticed them to enter.

We called this contest, “The Hottest Piece of Ass” and man did I hear feedback on my choice of title.  Here at Loving the Bike we’re a pretty clean cut website, so it’s no surprise that this stirred people up.  But that was sort of the idea.  We wanted to add a little shock value.

Okay, so we randomly selected 3 male and 3 female submissions and have posted them for you all to vote.  Like we mentioned last time, big or small…and anyone who pulls on a pair of spandex or cycling shorts is a champion to us.  We hope you feel the same way.

Vote now, and come back to vote tomorrow and Friday.  Then we’ll count up the votes and award the male and female with the favorite Loving the Bike butt.

Vote for your favorite Female butt

Vote for your favorite Male butt

* We’re leaving the names of the owners of these butts off, even though they all seemed to be okay with us posting it.

A big thanks to the guys at Twin Six and to all of you for having a good sense of humor, and having fun with this contest.


  • Nick

    This is a brilliant idea for a contest. My votes are in.

    • Paul Kirby