Win a Loving the Bike Jersey

The contest is now closed.  Thanks for all your great merchandise suggestions and for entering yourself in our Loving the Bike Jersey giveaway. Congratulations to @ozarksbiketrail who was randomly selected through

For those who didn’t win and would like any of our Loving the Bike or #bikeschool merchandise, it is on right now at 30% off until December 1, 2011.  Head over to and get yours now.  Use Discount Code: LTBBKSCHOOL to get your 30% off.


We’re back with another jersey give-away this week….but this time it’s extra special because it’s one of our own.  That’s right this is your chance to win one of our Loving the Bike Jerseys.

It would be kind of strange to review our own clothing, but one thing that I’ll say is those guys over at Groucho Sports sure know how to put together some mighty fine product.  We buddied up with Groucho last May and introduced the Loving the Bike line of Jerseys, Kits, and T-shirts so that everyone out there could become part of the “Loving the Bike Army”.  But the one thing we haven’t yet done is give one of these beautiful jerseys away….So today is the day.

Enter to Win:

It’s really easy to enter this one.  Simply leave a comment below letting us know what other merchandise you’d like to see from Loving the Bike.  Yep, that’s it. The contest closes on Thursday at Noon EST so get in to win right now.  The winning comment will be selected using and we’ll announce who won on Thursday afternoon.

In addition to the jerseys, we also have Shorts, Kits, and T-Shirts.  For more about our Loving the Bike Collection from Groucho Sports, please visit


  • Stephanie Gadaleta

    Simple question, simple answer – Socks! No ensemble is complete unless you can match head to toe :)

  • Michael McKinney

    a patch kit?

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      We actually have Loving the Bike patch kits, but they are to give away and not sell.  I’ll have to go check and see if we still have some.

  • Kevin W.

    Arm warmers

  • Karien Vd Merwe Potgieter

    Arm warmers, socks or tech tees would be nice :) .

  • Matt Florio

    Well since you are Canadian how bout a nice LTB wool hat for those colder days ahead?

  • Anonymous

    I kinda liked the old baby onesie ;-P … Really tho, socks, and some of those sweet new groucho armwarmers would work well too….. Maybe a cycling cap, I really need a cycling cap…. 

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      I’m bummed about the onesie’s.  My previous supplier was the one who did those and I asked if he could continue doing them for us and he said his supplier didn’t have them any longer.  I am going to have to look into other options, because those were super cute.

  • Ryan Orlick

    Those other merchandise are awesome, but what about plus size?

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      They do come in XXL….what size were you looking for?  I can check and see if we can get it for you.

  • Pauline Mayo

    Love the design of the shirt, how about writing on the back that says “If you can read this, You are too close now give me SPACE!”

  • Purnomo

    helmet please…

  • Talitha Burnett


  • Talitha Burnett


  • andi

    I would like to see some bike lights.

  • jake

    a casquette (traditional peaked cotton cap worn by racing cyclists)

  • Cody Johnson

    How bout some awesome cycling caps?

  • Bob Simonette

    How about some Loving the Bike stickers to go on your bike or vehicle?

  • Tristinmorgan

    I would love a water bottle and t shirts with unique graphics on them!

  • Clive Chapman

    What other stuff? Behave yourself Darryl, where’s your renowned imagination and thinking big?

    Become the North American Wiggle (Google it) and have every bit of Bike related goodness with the LTB logo all over it!!!! :-)

    Just sayin’… :-)

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      I just checked out Wiggle.  Thanks for your comments, Clive and for reminding me to think big.

  • Mark Sinclair

    how about a arm band.

  • Jason Morton

    I would love to see a cycling hat or a beanie to wear under my helmet during the colder fall/winter months.

  • A Q

    Arm sleeves would be awesome!

  • A Q

    Arm sleeves

  • Brandon Eason

    Some technical tees would not go amiss.

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Thanks Brandon.  We have been wanting to include tech t’s and Groucho is currently looking for the ideal supplier.  Hope to have them soon.

  • Eric

    I would like to see Waterbottles, (easy low cost purchase and great advertising), but go with the upper end on quality. AND a long sleeve shirt out of nice material.


    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Good advice on going with good quality bottles.  I, personally, don’t like using any of the lower quality bottles.  Let’s keep on growing this Loving the Bike Army.

  • Paul Furness

    Selection of Loving the Bike themed casual tops – hoodies, t shirts etc that are cycling themed design (thinking MistressH or Artxrank style bike art)

  • Wynnabah

    A Livestrong band

  • Nathan Saxton

    Someone below said hoodie – consider this another vote in that direction.

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Thanks for adding another vote to that suggestion, Nathan.  Good luck in the contest.

  • Bob A

    I would love to see, with winter approaching up north here, LTB tights, socks and thermal jerseys.  And Merino wool. 

    As for casual wear, I like the idea of a long sleeve t, but would make it look like a black short sleeve t w/ a white long sleeve underneath.

    The ideas for stickers or window transfers/decals is great too.

  • BikeView.CA

    How about some Merino Wool socks!

  • Ken Walker

    Merino socks!

  • Darryl is Loving the Bike

    There have been some incredible suggestions so far.  We’ll be working with Groucho to see what items we can add to our product line.  We’re still taking entries today and will announce the winner tomorrow.  Watch for it.

  • Katie Wolters

    bumper stickers- so we can rep our bikes even while stuck in traffic 

  • Keith Reynolds

    Socks. Definitely socks. The people who pay attention to details and enjoy life’s finer things know that no kit is truly Belgian-level cool unless it has appropriate socks!

  • MarkBeaky

    I would love to see some hats as well as t shirts. Its a great way to promote LTB when you are not riding.

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Thanks for entering, Mark.  We do already have the T-shirts and you can find them at  Hats are definitely another great item we need to include.

  • Nathaniel

    some socks and hats would be cool.

  • Caratunkgirl

    Oh man, I would love to get my hands on that jersey! 

    I think arm warmers would be really cool.And if you DO go with a thong, I suggest you add the bikini…. You know, those are so comfy to ride with  :)

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Yeah, arm warmers would make a great addition to our line of merchandise.  Hahahaha, Yes the bikini top would go nicely with the thong.

  • Justin “Bike Geek” Moore

    Socks and a skull cap (for those of us follicle-challenged aka bald) would be nice!

  • Tim Wonders

    Caps, socks.

  • @digitalmom22


  • Debra Gagner

    merino wool

  • Surlymanofsteel

    How about knickers for the commuters among us?

  • Jon Binsted

    How about threadless stem caps?

  • Lloyd Lemons

    I like to have some boxer shorts for sleeping! Ya know jammy bottoms. 

  • Lwb443

    Socks or water bottles

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Seems like Socks and Water Bottles are the most popular choice…..thanks for adding to the comments and good luck in the jersey giveaway.

  • 95bimmer

    How about books that are about bicycle touring.


    I gotta say socks would be awesome

  • Malachi

    Arm warmers. Tnx for the oppertunity and the contest.

  • Scott Durham

    Arm and leg warmers, bike saddle bag, and maybe some socks!