Win a Yakima Bicycle Roof Rack

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Okay, so who needs a new bicycle rack?  Well our friends at Yakima are here to help out by giving you the chance to win either a HighRoller or FrontLoader to get you and you bike everywhere you need to go this summer. If you read my story about how my commuter bike, Tina Turner got her name…’ll find out more about my adventures with a bicycle roof top carrier.  So if you’re our lucky winner, be sure to keep that beautiful bicycle of yours safe.

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How to Enter

This contest is now closed.  Congratulations to @anellogrande who has chosen the Yakima Frontloader.  Thanks to all who entered and to Yakima for supplying a fantastic giveaway.

Like most of our contests here at Loving the Bike, this one is super easy to enter.  There’s actually a few ways to enter and you’ll receive one entry for each of these:

  • Leave a comment letting us know why you need a new Yakima Roof Rack.
  • Tweet out the following: “I just entered to win a bicycle roof rack system from @lovingthebike and @yakimaracks:
  • Post this on your facebook page: “I just entered to win a Yakima bicycle roof rack system.  If you’d like to enter, check out”

That’s it.  Get your entries in by Friday at noon and we’ll randomly select a winner soon after.

  • Amy Tanner

    I need a new Yakima roof rack as I have decided to take up triathlon and am sick of being a bag lady carrying my bike on the train!

  • Kimstrong

    I need a Yakima roof rack cuz I’m going to be coaching a mountain bike team and need to be able t haul bikes a long distance.

  • Stephanie

    I need a new Yakima roof rack because I so tired of taking off my front wheel on my lefty to shove my bike in the back of my tiny civic.

  • Skinner

    I need a new Yakima roof rack because my trunk rack and my Mustang do not get along very well.

  • Teleski19

    I need a new Yakima roof rack because my 9 year old says my bike keeps bumping her in the backseat when I go around turns.

  • Sarah

    I sent out a tweet! :)

  • Sarah

    This girl is CONSTANTLY on the go! I definitely need this rack! :)

  • Paul Kirby

    I need a new Yakima roof rack because my trunk rack only holds two bikes, is some crazy off-brand, and is way old. I have three kids and we all ride bikes. I need more bike carrying capacity!

  • Sabrina

    I bought my rack used and I keep losing pieces while I am driving! Help me so I don’t lose my bike too! Especially on the way to a race. :)

  • James Milligan

    I need one cause it will make my bike happy.

  • James L Smith

    I have a new Yakima roof rack I would love a bike rack for it.

  • David Kelso

    Time for a new rack as my 12year old Thule Velovise is on its last legs and I’m not confident putting my Roubaix up there anymore – help a brother out !

  • Cheriss Faiola

    Because my friends bikes don’t fit in my car and solo adventures aren’t nearly as fun!

  • mikem

    I need a new yakima roof rack as I currently do not have a rack, and have to take the bike apart, which takes too much time

  • Karen A

    A roof rack would be great. My daughters bike no longer fits in the trunk!

  • Christina

    I need a new bike rack because I don’t have one! Commuting daily from Chicago to Wisconsin and back is no fun if I can’t go for a ride on one end or the other. Taking my bike apart and putting it back together on each end is NO fun. So, a Yakima High Roller or Front Loader would be awesome – no more playing “operation” on my bike!

  • dave

    I need a new yakima roof rack because on my weekly trips of 450+ miles to maine and back i carry three bikes but need to take 4 and if i ever want to go by myself this would be much easier

  • Tash Solangi

    I need a bike rack…period! My son and I are starting to take longer road trips camping, and now he has gotten interested in more offroad biking. He’s 8, so it is very exciting to see him stoked about this new sport. However, we have so much gear, it makes it impossible to throw on the bikes… we love doing things as father son, and this rack would help bring us to that new level! (and make things less frustrating for us!!)

  • Sean Kinsey

    Because my old Anklebiters are bitten.

  • Patti

    I need a new Yakima roof rack – and a new bike holder – because my cool new bike’s downtube is too wide for the old one! <3 Yakima!!

  • Shannon Futch

    I need a new yakima bike rack because I keep scratching my car’s roof when I have to resort to using the mega warrior basket. I’d really like to take my bike down to the beach and get some exercise.

  • Joe LaBarge

    I want to take my boy to the trails away from the city!

  • Nick de Julio

    I need a new Yakima rack as mine just broke the other day :(

  • Christina Chacharon

    I need a new roof rack because we started a women’s mountain bike club to get more women into biking! Having the ability to carry an extra bike and pick new ladies up for rides is crucial to overcome the barrier of people being hesitant to venture off on trails on their own. And I love Yakima racks :)

  • John Hopkins

    I would love a new Yakima High Roller for the 1994 Honda Civic VX I just bought to conserve gas. It gets over 40 mpg, yeah! I have pieced together all the parts to get a Yak rack on top of the car, now just missing a bike carrier. If I win, then I definitely would be a High Roller!!!

  • edgesport

    I need a new Yakima Roof Rack because my whole family are now riding trails, city sponsored rides, and riding for causes. We love it but I am stuffing bikes in the car because I don’t have enough racks on top of the car.

  • Cody Gydesen

    Me and my specialized could really use a consistent way of getting to the trails besides waiting on my friends with trucks to wanna go ride! This us shy I need a Yakima roof rack !!

  • Zach

    I need a Yakima roof rack because I don’t have one and need a way to haul my bike to the trail!

  • Jonathan Donohue

    I want to put more butts in the car!! We’re a family of three and only have two bike racks for the wagon. We like to take our beagle lucky Roos with us on our outdoor adventures but have to leave him at home when we take the bikes since the third bike has to be put in the back of the wagon with the seat folded down only allowing our daughter to sit in the back instead of lucky and her. The third rack would allow all of us to travel and not have to leave our furry companion behind! :)

  • Eric Kennedy

    I need a Yakima roof rack so I get MORE people shredding the trails with me… my trunk can only fit so many bikes!

  • Megan crouch

    I would love to win one because I just restored an old 70′s cruiser bike but have no way to haul it on my car other than my Yakima roof rack!! :)

  • Tawny Yambrovich

    I need a new Yakima roof rack because…well…both of the hitch mounted racks on our minivans are Yakima, but it would be nice to have a roof rack and expand carrying capacity,as well as making access more difficult for thieves when we are traveling to bike events.

  • StumptownRider

    Because I have more than one friend who needs a ride to the trail @lovingthebike @yakimaracks:

  • Far End Gear

    I need a new Yakima roof rack because I only have one, and it is lonely up there.

  • Nicole Souter

    My parents need a new Yakima roof rack, so they wont have to keep borrowing mine.

  • David Clifford

    I need a new Yakima bike rack because I love to ride but transportation is an issue. It is difficult and cumbersome to fit multiple bikes in the back of my Xterra. A new bike rack would allow my wife and I to get out more and enjoy the beautiful outdoors

  • Dean R

    I need a new Rack because my 9 year old Daughter just got a sweet new MEC mountain bike and I want to take her out riding with me! Too big to fit in the back of the Subaru, so now she needs a bike rack of her very own!

  • Mary Lou

    I need this rack because it is badass! You can easily put your bike on without having to remove tires and such. Also it has a nifty lock built in. I NEED THIS RACK!!!! It is better than my rack!! My rack is a little sad :(

  • Amber Febbraro

    Winning a Yakima Roof Rack would be the greatest thing to happen to my new 2013 Subaru WRX because currently I have to cram my 29er MTN bike in the back and the tires touch the back of the front seats which after a muddy ride can bring much sadness to see the mud all over my precious WRX. With my bike on the roof then I could #takemorefriends biking with me! :D

  • MagicPercy

    I need a Yakima roof rack to mount to the trailer I pull with my motorcycle. So I can take my Bicycle to the trails with my Motorcycle safely, and leave the car and van at home.

  • Josh

    I need a new Yakima Roof Rack because I’m tired of traveling
    in my car and having to stop several times during a journey of many miles, to
    check if the rack is tight. Since my bike suffered a fall from the rack.

  • Zach Favrot

    I need a new Yakima Roof Rack because I just purchased a used bike from a local bike shop in the town where I work. I don’t yet have a way to transport it to and from my house over an 1 1/2 car ride away. I am new to cycling and this would help me put in more time on the bike at lunch and then in the evenings when I get home.

  • Hugo

    I need a Yakima bike rack because currently my only options are my girlfriends’ car (when she’s available), or riding through a very bike unfriendly city to the ride. I drive a hatch that won’t fit a trunk style rack and teachers don’t make much money :/

  • Melissa E

    I need a Yamaha Roof Rack so I can take my 2 kids to the trails this Summer. We just bought family bikes!!

    • bartidog

      Hopefully the contest doesn’t count off for spelling :)

  • Jo Smith

    I need a new yakima roof rack because the rear rack I have keeps taking chunks out of the paint on my 12 year old volvo.

  • Anello Grande

    I need a new yakima roof rack because I need to carry 4 bikes on family rides while my trunk rack only holds 3 bikes. Plus I hate strapping on the trunk rack for a solo ride and a roof rack would be easier.

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Congratulations, @anellogrande:disqus ….you’re the winner of a new roof rack system from Yakima. Please send an e-mail to us at with your address and if you want the Highroller or Frontloader.

  • Shawn Craver

    I need a new roof rack because I don’t really trust the cheap fork mount roof rack I got from that other brand. That, and I’m getting tired of always having to take my front wheel off.

  • Katie

    I need a new Yakima roof rack. I bought a different brand a few years ago, and I actually had a bike fall out of the carrier and bend the front dropout. (was a fork-mounted unit) I moved and I need to carry my bikes to different places to ride now. It’s been complicated to load and unload bikes in my car because I am afraid to use the rack. I can’t afford to have another bike fall out.

  • Bill Powers

    I need a new Yakima roof rack, because I keep scratching up my trunk and my bike with the trunk rack.

  • Ben

    I need a new yakima roof rack, because the trunk rack I have for my suzuki was purchased used and is rusted. It’s hard to find a trunk rack for a rear spare tire truck. The roof rack would work so much better, because it’s less prone to theft, and safer for our bikes while driving.