Commuter biking blogs listed by country


  • A Video Perspective To Biking In Canada A site dedicated to biking in Ottawa, Ontario using Video from HelmetCams.
  • Average Joe Cyclist A blog for Average People who love to ride bikes! Starting point: let’s try to ensure ALL of us can cycle without being killed.
  • Cycling50Plus Stories, tips & commentary from a slightly used cycling commuter.
  • Rantwick I commute in all seasons in London Ontario, Canada. Lots of video, often funny, sometimes weird.
  • Velonista Egan’s Wager & Bikes to Rwanda: trying to raise charitable funds & awareness.
  • Velo Village This blog links the interests of city cyclists with their country cousins: safe, community-directed and connected cycle networks.


  • Hub n’ Ride We’re not a brand nor a gang, just a view people with a big & small ideas that love cycling and support bicycle as a daily transportation.


  • Bicitekas (Spanish content) About bicycle advocates in Mexico City.

South Africa

  • Ride Your City Ride Your City promotes commuting by bicycle in SA, and has supported this by producing a print map outlining commuter routes.


  • Malmo-Lund pa cykel Swedish bike blog about bicycling in south of Sweden. Marcus is involved in a number of official project as a representative of the cyclists (Swedish Content).

The Netherlands



  • Beginning Bicycle Commuting Encouragement for getting to work on your bike.
  • Bike 21 A journal about one part-time bike commuter’s quest to develope a bike commute habit.
  • Bike Blog NYC I write about mutant bikes, messenger events, bicycle technology and the vast realm of bicycle culture. My focus is on New York City, my home for the last 18 years.
  • Bike Commuters Reviews, advocacy issues, transportation and style…and a whole lot more.
  • Bikes for the Rest of Us What we want: Bikes that you can hop on at any moment without special clothes or cleats; bikes that can carry stuff; bikes that are fun.
  • Bike Tourings An assortment of (usually) bike related babblings, some helpful information, some whatever.
  • Boyonabike Thoughts on living beyond the automobile in Southern California.
  • Carfree American Inspiring people of all ages to to walk, bicycle, and use mass transit for all their transportation/travel needs.
  • Carfree Days Right now we drive around 8000 miles/year. That’s a family of four. But we think we can do better. One way we got to this point is to have “car free days.”
  • Chateau a Velo The Life and times of a four season bike commuter in Wisconsin.
  • Cog-itate “Thinking about bicycle transportation” is a bicycle advocacy blog focusing on all aspects of bicycle transportation.
  • Commute By Bike Tips, News, Reviews, and Safety for bicycle commuters.
  • Culture Cycles An embrace of cycling as a community featuring the best of the best from all ends of the cycling spectrum, daily.
  • Cycling Weapon of Mass Destruction A blog about crazy bike stuff that will blow your mind.
  • eBikeSpace Focused on global eBike news, culture, and trends.
  • EcoMinima Bicycles, simpler living, and less: EcoMinima is the personal journal of environmental writer (and carfree cyclist) Chris Baskind.
  • EcoVelo A blog covering all aspects of transportational cycling.
  • Electric Bike Report Electric Bike Report is a website that is a central hub for electric bike reviews, news, events and ebike riding and maintenance tips.
  • From the Pavement’s Edge I am a bicycle commuter living in the Denver Metro area. This is my world of cycling.
  • Icicle Bicycle About the fun of riding a bike in the icy, snowy winters of Minnesota.
  • LADOT Bike Blog A blog for the LADOT Bike Program dealing with bike politics, infrastructure, and culture in LA.
  • Let’s Go Ride a Bike We hope to encourage more people, especially women, to rediscover the joy of riding a bike by showing that life on two wheels can be simple, stylish and fun.
  • Livin’ in the Bike Lane I hope to share with you some of my experiences as an urban bike commuter, advocate for bike friendlier communities, and create a forum for sharing ideas.
  • MnBicycleCommuter I write about my adventures in my bicycle commuting blog and my hiking/backpacking blog.
  • My Five-Minute Commute My commute to work by car is five minutes, but I go by car as little as possible.
  • OKC Bicyclist News for cyclists in the Oklahoma City area and across the state.
  • One Less Car: Denver Commuting, cargo bikes, car-lite in the Denver suburbs.
  • Over the Top Bike hacks, tips, fails, and commentary of an aging, ward-class athlete as he attempts to complete his bucket list.
  • Pirate on two wheels Commuting, advocating, and freaking out in Denver, Colorado. Arrrrrgh.
  • PlanBike Profiling and advocating cycling as serious transport for commuting at home and away.
  • Primate Brow Flash Writings and photos of commuting and weekend trips in Minnesota.
  • Seattle Bike Blog A daily, comprehensive, pedal-powered look at bicycling in Seattle.
  • She Rides a Bike My blog records my journey toward a more simple and satisfying life; the “slow” but always well-dressed lifestyle.
  • Just a guy riding a bike (every day) around the way.  I enjoy it – and I think it colors the way that I see things just enough to be interesting.
  • Tales from the Sharrows Irreverent observations from a DC bike commuter.
  • The Chicago Bicycle Advocate A lawyer for bicyclists.
  • The Jolly Crank Slow thoughts from a slow man in the saddle of slow bike.  Utility transportation featuring the most efficient vehicle ever invented.
  • Trailsnet Trailsnet is the blog for finding great commuting & recreational bike trails for people of all ages, abilities & interests.
  • Triangle Bicycle Commuter Adventures of a bicycle commuter in the Research Triangle Park, NC.
  • Utility Cycling A blog and online resource for all things related to the practice of utility cycling.
  • West Hollywood Bike Coalition Serving West Hollywood through advocacy for better bike infrastructure.


  • Welsh Cyclist Simply my day to day struggle to lose weight, while I enjoy the joy of cycling on my commute to and from my work, as well as the occasional.


  • Cycling Mobility An international journal giving an insight into trends and innovation in cycling infrastructure and policies.