Women’s biking blogs listed by country


  • Competitive Cycling Encouraging other female riders to take up road racing competitively, and to help them overcome the difficulties female riders might face in a male dominated sport.
  • The Pedelecing Cyclist Discusses if riding a pedelec makes you fitter, looks at battery range and describes rides.
  • Women Who Cycle A blog and resource for women who love cycling.


  • Cycle Write Blog My words, visions and trivia along the way.
  • Girls and Bicycles Bicycles aren’t just for kids and hippies. I’m a girl that likes good food, interesting people, and pretty dresses. I ride a bike.
  • Mountain Biking Girl A girl, her mountain bike and her adventures around Vancouver Island and beyond.
  • The Incidental Cyclist A utilitarian cyclist’s view of Ottawa, Canada.
  • ThumbShift.com Re-Cycle & Ride Free ! ! ! Looking for signs of sustainability wherever they may be, and marking out the hazards along the way.
  • Toronto Bike Chic Armed with a crank and a camera we play. Freezing moments in time of the familliar strangers sharing space and riding by.





The Netherlands

  • Moederfiets ervaring (Dutch) Bikes, specially for mothers. Share your experience with other mom’s.
  • WheelerWatchers 2 crazy Dutch girls blogging on procycling, its heroes and who are not afraid to give their female (!) opinion on it!


  • GirlMTNbiker A place for female mountain bikers on the web. From XC queens to DH demons, to all you all-mountain folk in the middle.
  • London Cycle Chic This site offers tips and advice on how to combine safety, practicality and style to acheive true urban cycle chic.
  • Mummy Be Fit An ex-racing mum documenting challenges of regaining fitness after having a child.
  • That Messenger Chick The life and opinions of a London cycle courier.
  • The Cycling Mayor I was the Cycling Mayor, and even though my term is over, I can’t stop blogging about my cycling – from my training to the sportives I do.


  • Adriennelives Mother & daughter team ride bikes across the USA & raise money for the fight against cancer.
  • Big Fat Biker Adventures of a chubby girl and her bicycle in the big city.
  • Bikes and the City
  • Bike Bliss Bike love gives a real mom in the mountain West a way past willpower.
  • Bike Shop Girl Helping women find their way in cycling.
  • Bike Skirt A girl, a bike and her city.
  • Bike to Work Barb Bike commuting, public policy, Spokane region, cooking & family.
  • Brown Girl in the Lane Car-free living in San Diego.
  • Chasing Mailboxes A blog about commuting, randonneuring, bicycle touring, and riding and living in Washington, D.C.
  • Cycle and Style For Women, By Women
  • Cycle Chic Jacksonville Making friends & lookin’ good while you pedal.
  • CyclingProject365 I’m a cyclist and photographer, riding for fun and to get in better shape.
  • Evoluer Fashion and Bicycles.
  • Follow Shauna Smash TotalCyclist Strength & Conditioning Coach/Social Media Liaison Shauna “Smash” Staveley goes from a first time rider to bike racing.
  • Geargals Gear and discussion for women who get out there on legs, wheels, or skis.
  • Girl Bike Love Gear reviews, how-tos and all the inspiration we can find for girls on bikes.
  • Heather’s Cycle World My blog was created by my sisters once I started to chase my dream of going ‘pro’ someday.  I made it public once I became a Cat 2 Racer.
  • Heather Nielson An elite bike racer for Touchstone Climbing, and a USAC Certified Coach.
  • It’s All in Your Headset
  • Lavagal Loving life in Hawaii as a NJ transplant on the bike, on the water, on the job.
  • Let’s Go Ride a Bike We hope to encourage more people, especially women, to rediscover the joy of riding a bike by showing that life on two wheels can be simple, stylish and fun.
  • Maine Velophile I blog mostly about cycling, and some about my life in general.
  • Myrna CG Mibus – Idyllwild What it’s like to be a cyclist, mom and writer with no time to write.
  • Pedal2Stiletto honest real thoughts about being a female cyclist that never stops smiling and wants other women to join in the fun.
  • Pedal Chic This blog is up and coming and connected to a women’s specific cycling shop in downtown Greenville Pedal Chic.
  • Pedal-Petal A blog about bicycling and gardening, and many things somewhat related.
  • RedonWheels Ride reports, gear reviews and general cycling chatter from a sarcastic redhead on wheels.
  • Riding Pretty Is dedicated to all the girls in the world who want to ride pretty on a bicycle.
  • Samantha Cycles The (mis)adventures of an intermediate road cyclist.
  • Shine Illuminating and inspiring rad female gravity mtbers.
  • The Blayleys Adventures of a bike-crazy couple with trip reports, observations, reviews & tips.
  • The Bruise Report Girls who aren’t afraid to get hurt.
  • The Rambling Rider Rambling about rides, brevets, and biking in general.
  • The Well-Dressed Cyclist A personal diary of my rides, my bikes, my love of getting dressed up for a bike ride, and my new interest in road biking.
  • Tour of Cognition I started racing mountain bikes way back in college but in recent years have found much love in road racing. I race CAT 3 for Team Giordana-Clif Bar.
  • Velojoy Fun stuff about bicycling NYC. Inspired by the sense of possibility we all experienced the minute the training wheels came off.
  • Velochick Velochick is a cycling blog with bike maintenance tips, gear reviews, stories, and interviews.
  • Velo Mom Velo Mom focuses on cycling and parenting. From racing to getting your child on a bike we cover everything from gear reviews to interviews.
  • What Would a Nerd Wear A bike-riding bookworm trying to make better (and more creative) use of a sometimes-vanilla closet.
  • Will Bike for Change (or Pie) Essays on biking and sustainable food, including coverage of Washington D.C. area events, thoughts on bike policy, and personal experiences.
  • Women Braking the Chain Designed to help women overcome challenges in their lives, in which they often refer to “chains”.
  • Women’s Cycling Random notes on monumental moments in my cycling life as a coach, rider, editor and woman.
  • You Ain’t Got Jack A chronicle of my year without driving in small town America with a toddler in tow.