Cycling World Cup

Three days ago, the world sat down in front of their TV screens to start watching the 2010 FIFA World Cup taking place in South Africa.  The 19th edition of the biggest soccer (or football as it’s known around most of the planet) tournament in the world started on June 11 and will run for 30 days with its conclusion on July 11.

With an estimated 4% of the total world population playing the sport (and growing), there is no denying that the World Cup is one of the most universally watched sporting events around today.

So as the teams battle it out, and as the famously wild soccer fans go crazy at each and every game played in South Africa, I’ll be going wild on my bike.  As the millions of people around the world, sit in front of their television and cheer on their team…I’ll be sitting on the saddle of my bike.  And as the beautiful sounds of the song “Waving Flag” by my man K’Naan (the official 2010 World Cup anthem) drift across the soccer world, I’ll be listening to that awesome song on my ipod as I tear up the road.

No disrespect to FIFA or all the World Cup fans out there…..but I’ll be choosing cycling over the World Cup for each and every one of the 30 days that it takes place.  Are you with me?

I’ve been challenging the people of Twitter with this by having them tag their Tweets with a #CyclingWorldCup if their day included more cycling than World Cup.

You see, if you’re a FIFA fan, you really can do both….but if you’re leaning more towards cycling then you are definitely worthy of the #CyclingWorldCup status.

Hot on the heals of our new Crank Listed World Cycling Blog Directory, I’d like to see all my cycling blog friends come together and make Cycling World Cup a worldwide event.  Let’s do it. Let’s show the soccer world that cycling can be just as big (or bigger).  Let us hear your comments about why cycling is where it’s at.  To all you Twitter people, let’s see you strongly rocking the #CyclingWorldCup.

  • Chris Poore

    Great Initiative here! I’ll be joining you for at least 21 of the 30 days, but might be pedaling my rollers in the garage whilst flipping between cycling coverage and an occasional World Cup game. No Couch sitting allowed!

    On another note, I’m loving your blog and it’s perpetuated my own desire to take on the challenge of developing my own. Keep sharing the great world of cycling (of every sort imagineable).


  • VitaminLee

    Sorry bud – some of my fondest childhood memories have something or other to do with soccer, the World Cup in particular. Once every four year – It’s one of those events that gets me pumped up to give life my very best.

    I find that after a good game I get so high on life that I go twice as hard at whatever I’m facing – Imagine going for a ride right after watching that none-stop action and energy fest – ou la la.

    For me it’s kinda like the Olympics (only 1000X better) – a display of what hard work and determination can accomplish. A testament to the fact that our bodies are capable of taking us where ever we dare to dream. So here’s to the athlete in us – Play hard and enjoy the ride.

    • Darryl

      I totally understand, Lee. I’m not at all trying to deflate any of the World Cup thunder….but for me it will be the Cycling World Cup only.

      Seeing everyone fired up over the World Cup definitely is motivating. You’ve got it right….Enjoy Your Ride.

  • Amanda

    Instead of cheering for my fav soccer team, I’ll be cheering for you. Go Darryl!! Hope you’re enjoying each and every ride (even in the crazy wind).

  • Clive Chapman

    Is there a Soccer World Cup on? I hadn’t noticed, too busy with cycling and my Rugby…;-)

  • Sabinna

    Interesting idea…is it only 4% of the world interested in soccer? It sure seems like more–the soccer fans are certainly enjoying the occasion. But one thing’s certain, there’s lots more than 4% on bikes esp counting in utility cycling.