We Just Had To Get Involved, “Crank It Up”

As one of the new kids on the blogging block, we have been slowly getting to know exactly who we are and what we stand for. It’s quite apparent now that Loving the  Bike is about promoting, enjoying, and loving all and everything there is about the bike.  We share our own views of the bike and the lifestyle that surrounds this passion, but we are so much more than that.  We are also part of the cycling advocacy community and for us this also includes promoting all of the great bloggers who share our love and who write about it every day. It is because of this desire to promote and encourage every aspect of cycling, that we had to join in and be a part of Crank – The World Cycling Blog Rankings.

Crank is putting together the first ever all cycling blog accolades which will not only find out the best or most popular cycling blogs, but will also create a one stop location for locating cycling blogs of different categories.  They are starting by having everyone nominate their favorite cycling blog on May 1 and will carry nominations through until May 21st.  There are four categories in which to classify your nomination – Road Cycling Blog, Mountain Bike Cycling Blog, Commuter/Travel Cycling Blog, and Cycling Lifestyle Blog.

Then on May 22nd the voting begins to find out who will be ranked (or Cranked as they say) the top dog.  Following the final results of the vote, the www.cranklisted.com site will become a directory of cycling blogs….laying out all the cycling blog sites, what classification they are in, and even a few words about them.  If you’re like us, you’ve spent a lot of time searching out great cycling blogs to check out, and now it will be so much easier.

Anyway, the Crank guys are awesome and we love what they are doing.  Because of this, we jumped right in and are proud to be a part of all this.  They are doing great things for all of us who spend our days blogging about that thing we love the best….the bike.  They are also doing great things for cycling in general.  Please join in and support their efforts by nominating your favorite blog.  Tweet, facebook, and social media about it to encourage others to nominate their favorite sites as well.   Then come back to vote on May 22nd.

Good luck to all of you.  Crank it up.

  • http://WorldOnaBike.com Harry, BikeTravellers.com

    Hi there,

    good idea, we can never promote cycling too much!
    I was confused when nominating WorldOnaBike.com though: like many others this is a blog about a multiyear cycling trip (see http://BikeTravellers.com for more examples).

    So we live on the road while travelling :)
    Should BikeTravellers be in the commuter/travel or lifestyle category?

    Cheers & good luck!,

    • http://www.lovingthebike.com Darryl

      Hi Harry,

      Good question. Once the Crank Honors are over, we’ll be putting together a database of cycling blogs and will have additional categories to make sure your blog is included in what fits you best.
      For the purposes of Crank, we wanted to keep the categories to a minimum so some blogs will have to group in with others.
      I would say that you should be either nominated in the commuter/travel or lifestyle categories. Be sure to get a lot of nominations in as the blogs with the most nominations move on to the voting stage.
      Good Luck and Crank It Up.


  • http://gregridestrails.com Greg

    I think this is a great idea! Looking forward to see who comes out on top

    • http://www.lovingthebike.com Darryl

      Thanks Greg….we’re looking forward to it to. Most of all, we’re excited to put the cycling blog directory together once this is all done.


  • Katelyn

    Can I vote for Loving the Bike? I love reading your posts and think you should be part of Crank.

    • http://www.lovingthebike.com Darryl

      You can nominate Crank and we love seeing the support…..once the nominations are over, if we are one of the blogs that moves onto the voting, we will take ourselves out of the running. We got involved with Crank in order to source out all cycling blogs and eventually create a full out database. But thanks for thinking of us.