Are You Thinking of Moving in the Car – Less/Light Direction?

One of the coolest things that I’ve come across since starting this Loving the Bike site is learning about all the people out there living Car-Less.  I’m totally amazed by what these people are doing and have the utmost respect for anyone who has chosen to take this route in life.

There is also the term “Car-Light” which, as the name implies, is a step down from living a full out Car-Less life and only occasionally taking out the car.  Living extremely Car-Light has been on our goal sheet for the past six months now, and my wife and I are doing what we can to move ourselves into that reality.  I hadn’t really considered it before, but after Richard from Cyclelicious mentioned that in today’s society, families who get by on only one car could pretty much be considered “Car-Light”….I realized that we’re maybe closer than I thought.  We’ve been a one car family for 7 of the past 8 years, and I love it.

So what’s it like living Car-Less?

I really wanted to know, so I reached out to some people in the cycling community to find out.  To me, the king of living Car-Less has got to be Ryan Van Duzer .  Not only has he been living his life without a car, he doesn’t even have a driver’s license.

I’ve never had a license!!! When I turned 16 I kept on riding my bike, while all my friends got cars and forgot about their bicycles.

-Ryan Van Duzer

And what a life he’s been living.  Keep your eyes on this dude because he is totally going places.  Fresh off being the star of “Out of the Wild“, he was awarded the gig of being host of the show “Paradise Hunter” and will be taping those episodes soon.  On top of all this, he’s an incredible bicycle advocate and has done some incredible things to bring awareness and promote more bikes and less cars.

Ryan’s adventurous Car-Less life didn’t just happen,  he made it happen:

People always ask how I live without a car…truth is, I created a life that doesn’t require a car…When I travel, I look up bike stores to rent a bike, not Avis.

Amsterdam and Copenhagen seem like places where everyone lives the Car-Free lifestyle…what about the European country of Sweden? I asked Marcus Ljungqvist (not to be mistaken with the Pro Cyclist, Marcus Ljungqvist from Sweden) what the cycling situation is like in Sweden:

“Malmö is the best bike-city in Sweden and probably pretty good in an international standard too. It is light years behind cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen, but is working hard to close the gap.”

-Marcus Ljungqvist

Marcus began commuting to work about 2.5 years ago and soon realized that the 50km round trip didn’t really take much longer than his car or the bus.  He says that taking his bike is a fourfold win. The four factors that he builds his argument against when promoting the bike as the Ultimate Transport are: “time, economy, environment and exercise.”

Now that he’s living the Car-Free life, Marcus says it feels really strange to not take a bike somewhere.  “The very rare occasions when I use the car within the city, I always hate it; congestion, parking and the cost of gas.”

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