Pump Your Fist

This one’s for all of us riders finally getting outide for the first time after a long and incredibly anxious winter.  After months of staring at your ride….maybe even laying down beside it for a cuddle….we finally can unleash the passion and get out there.  Sure it’s been nice to sit on you and peddle on the trainer, my friend….but the time has come to get you out on the road where you belong.

c/o Miki Olivier

It’s one of those times that you just need to get on, ride, and pump that fist in the air.  YES, we made it.  We’re back in our element.  One big pump in the air to that one.

We see the pro’s raising their hands in victory so very often….celebrating their achieving moment.  But as I’ve said before, all cyclists are champions and there’s a time for us to pump our fists as well.  Just climbed a hill you didn’t think you could make? This one’s also for you.  Raise that hand high in the air and clench your fist like you know you can.  Maybe you just completed the longest ride of your life….pump that fist, man.  You deserve it.  If you’re up for it, raise both hands in victory.

Life…and cycling….really is about celebrating the little moments.  These are the things that make it all worthwhile and complete.  So don’t be shy, raise your hand…even give out a shout if you want.  Doesn’t matter who’s looking.  Doesn’t matter who will hear you.  This is your moment.  One of those precious moments between you and your carbon fibre best friend (or aluminum, etc).  Enjoy the moment.  Enjoy Your Ride.

Welcome to Riding 2010, Baby.  It’s on.

  • http://www.circuitridercz.com Simon

    Temperature’s rising at last here in Prague as well. Bring on the weekend!

  • http://cyclinmissy.blogspot.com Cyclin’ Missy

    Yes! Woo hoo!

  • http://marijolamarche.wordpress mari-jo Lamarche

    “…time has come to get you out on the road where you belong”. That’s exactly how I felt after 4 months of waiting for that snow to leave!
    Sure feels good to be back out there!

  • http://www.bikecrave.com jeff

    Kudos to riders everywhere. Double fist pump and holla from San Diego.

  • http://oldguy2wheels.wordpress.com/ Tim

    awesome post. I want to go out and ride some more but have to resist – recovery day.