Bryan is Making it Happen

When we came out with our Cycling for Optimal Weight min-e-book on December 27th, we offered up the challenge (and reward) for all those who would commit to going on the program.  Five of you responded saying you were ready to go after your ideal weight using cycling to help get you there. Out of those 5 people, only one has come back to me and said they’re ready to go after it.  I’m sure the others will come around soon and get on board, but I would like to congratulation Bryan (from Biking to Live) for committing to better health.

It took just a little bit of convincing, but last Monday Bryan told me he was ready to grab 2011 by the balls and show it that this is the year of the Bryan (my words, not his…but I know he was thinking it :) )

We got right at it and I laid out the cycling program that I wanted him to follow for the first couple weeks.  He also filled out his nutrition assessment which helped Kelli set him up with an eating plan that was right for him.  Online nutritional counselling is what Kelli does for a living, and although I’m a little biased, I honestly feel she is the absolute best in the business.  Bryan is in for some first rate help, advice, and support.

On the day Bryan committed to starting the Cycling for Optimal Weight program, I sent him a video that I felt would  add a little motivation and show him that anything is possible when you put your mind to it.  If you need a little boost today, have a look at this video from The Journey TV.

If you’d like to get Bryan’s perspective on the Cycling for Optimal Weight program, please read his post entitled “Cycling for Optimal Weight – A Mission” and follow his continued progress in future posts on his blog.

Okay, your turn….what are you doing to move closer to your goals?

  • Clive Chapman

    I’m looking forward so much to following this story, both here and on Bryan’s Blog. It’ll fascinating to get two sides of the same story.

    I hope there’s plenty of detail!



  • Anonymous

    Holy crap that pic makes me look big. Seriously, I am big which is why I’m working with Darryl and Kelli. They’ve been nothing but great so far and I appreciate everything they’re doing. Having a plan to meet expectations is a great motivator to get off your butt, grab life by the balls (which Darryl so eloquently stated), and do something about that extra weight.

    FYI, that pic was taken while doing my virtual bike fit with Victor of Bicycle Lab. Another person who has helped me tremendously on the bike.

    • Anonymous

      You’re doing it, Bryan…..this is so cool and exciting. We’re making it happen.

    • Kelli, RD

      Just getting started is often the hardest part – and, now, you’re beyond that challenge. I absolutely believe that you will meet your goals! I am very excited to be working together!