Loving the BITE: Cedar-Planked Salmon

On the other hand, you may not have realized that the DHA and EPA from salmon actually increases the amount of calories and fat your body burns while decreasing your fat storage!!! Sound like a fishy story too good to be true?  It’s not.  Recent studies show an increase in calorie output with approximately 2000 mg DHA/EPA per day (you’ll average 1000 mg per day by eating 12 oz. salmon per week, so consider supplementing another 1000 mg per day).  Furthermore, since the fats make your cells more sensitive to insulin, they reduce fat storage.  You see, the more your cells resist insulin, the more your body has to pump it out.  The more insulin pumped out, the more fat stored.  The more insulin sent out, the less fat metabolized and burned.  The more insulin sent out over and over, the less sensitive cells become to insulin, so they begin to require more and more insulin sent out, and you’ve guessed it, more fat is stored.  This is a vicious, ugly cycle, especially for a cyclist who has to pull his or her weight up a hill.  But, thankfully, it’s no match for salmon.

As if that weren’t enough, salmon packs a lot of other nutrients beside healthy fats.  The B-vitamins may have as much to do with the heart-healthy effects as the fats.  And, the protein found in salmon, ~7 grams per ounce, helps you stay full longer, again burn more calories, and enjoy long-lasting steady energy.

I promised to feed you for a lifetime… So, when you go to the store, make sure to pick Wild-Caught salmon – this way it has less agriculture pesticide run-off and no artificial colorings.  Then, make sure there is no fishy smell to it.  It should be a bright orangy-pinkish color, no graying.  Take it from someone who is land-locked in Colorado, you have to be picky when picking your fish.

Now you know everything needed for buying and enjoying salmon.  What cyclist couldn’t use a great dinner, more energy, and better fat burn?!?

Fuel your Ride.  Nourish your Body.

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    I love salmon and it’s in constant rotation on my menu. I take dried salmon on day trips(usually by bike) and snack on them. Thanks for the recipe and info Kelli.