Loving the BITE: Homemade Granola with Hemp Hearts

Agave Nectar – I’m also a fan of Agave Nectar as well….not as much as the hemp hearts, but I still love it.  Agave can be used in pretty much anything you put sugar or honey in.  I personally use it to lightly sweeten my oatmeal and tea, and in most things that we bake here at home.  It has a favorable glycemic profile as its sweetness comes mainly from a complex form of fructose called inulin.  Due to its low glycemic index, it gives you that sweet taste without the “sugar rush” and spike in blood sugar levels.

Allergy Free – My Wife and Daughter have nut allergies so another benefit to this recipe is that it’s 100% nut free.  A lot of granola you’ll find in the stores either has nuts or “may contain nuts” so this is a nice way to keep it safe for anyone in your family with nut allergies.

Because Hemp Hearts are free of pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, eggs, nuts, dairy, soy, and gluten….they keep the granola free from all those allergies.

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