Loving the BITE: On-the-Ride Bacon Rice Burrito

Size: Rather than research, this criteria is mostly founded upon personal, friends’ and clients’ experiences.  Ever eaten a whole meal, like a packed lunch, right in middle of your ride?  If you have, you may have noticed 2 things: 1) high risk of cramping (again), and 2) no power in the legs following the meal (and for the next 1-2 hours).  What gives?  The size of the meal impacts the rate of digestion and the “work” your body has to do to digest it.  Your body can only do so much at once, and a large meal sabotages your legs’ blood and energy supply.  Keep any real food fuel small, about 25-50% of a “normal” serving, and fuel throughout your ride rather than all at once.

Combined with hourly quick-acting fuel and carbohydrate/electrolyte fluids, real food fuel can provide the nutrients you need and a satisfying treat on a long ride.  This week, let’s enjoy a tasty burrito, ride long and keep it real.

Fuel Your Ride. Nourish Your Body.

Burrito image c/o Visual Recipes

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1481295770 Bill Bacon

    I like. Bill Bacon, Seattle, Washington

  • Julie Starling

    Bacon? Really? Since when is bacon healthy? Even for meat eaters?

    • http://twitter.com/fuelright Kelli Jennings

      Hi Julie,
      Thanks for your comment – I actually anticipated something like this coming in:). Please remember, this recipe is for Training Nutrition and not Daily Nutrition. So, first, I’m not suggesting that bacon should be a staple in your diet. What it does provide for training, is 1) Salt, 2) small amount of protein,, and 3) flavor. The negative aspects of it could possibly be 1) saturated fats and 2) nitrites. For the first, saturated fats, I’m convinced that they have very little negative affect on heatlh (gasp! – despite what we’ve all been taught over the years). Most recent reviews and studies (even huge reviews of decades of studies) show little to no correlation of saturated fat intake with heart disease, bad cholesterol, etc. The issue, for health, has been obesity, inactivity, and diets high in carbs, especially refined ones, like sugars and refined grains. These carbs increase inflammatory hormones, insulin-resistance, and fat storage. Which brings me to the next point, if I was going to be concerned about the health aspects of this recipe for overall wellness, I would be more concerned about the refined carbs in the white tortilla and rice and all the sugars (natural or processed), not to mention in the sports drinks, gels, and bars. However, since this is intended to be eaten while engaging in exercise, these carbs are readily used as energy and do not have the same negative effects as they do when someone is sedentary (at which point I do not recommend this recipe OR sports drinks, gels, or bars). As for the nitrites in bacon, I recommend organic (nitrite-free) bacon. What this leaves you with, then, is a traditional food from an animal, with salt, satured fats, a small amount of protein, and a lot of flavor. Of course, the salt is not a health issue on the bike, as most serious athletes struggle to get enough sodium while riding (even with organic bacon!). One last concern could be that the saturated fats might cause stomach upset b/c they take too long to digest while riding – this varies person to person. However, I’ve not had one client who’s had a bad experience with it, as after riding for many hours, this salty snack is a welcome treat on the bike. I hope this answers your question. Thanks again! Kelli, RD

  • Ed Robertson

    Burritos are the greatest food ever created.

    • http://twitter.com/fuelright Kelli Jennings

      Mmmm. Makes me want to ride just thinking about these:)

  • Sarah

    I like the idea of real food for energy. I don’t usually get out for a ride that is long enough to need to bring these on my bike but I am going to try them anyway because they sound rather tasty. I do enjoy these recipes you put on the website and although I often don’t leave a comment I do want you to know I enjoy them.

    • http://twitter.com/fuelright Kelli Jennings

      Thanks so much for reading the posts and your comment today – I’m thrilled you enjoy them. Let us know what you think of these!

  • http://www.lifes2wheelbalance.com Anthony Lussier

    This is a great post and opens your eyes to what can be available to you on a long ride. This burrito sounds fantastic, mainly because there is bacon in it but since I’m about 80% Paleo I try to stay away from any of the grain based meals especially white flour and white rice. I’m still in search of the perfect ride food other than the good ole banana.

    • http://twitter.com/fuelright Kelli Jennings

      Hi Anthony, You may enjoy the lemon bars or orange bars we’ve featured – they are grain free but still provides optimal fuel via honey, coconut oil, nuts, and citrus. Or you could mix in some bacon pieces with mashed banana!:) I might be onto something…

      • http://www.lifes2wheelbalance.com Anthony Lussier

        haha, bacon and banana…hmmm. The lemon bars sound great too! Thanks for the info.

  • Renny

    I might be strange but I don’t really like the taste of bacon. This recipe does sound good and I would like to try it but would like to know if I can replace the bacon with something else.

    • http://twitter.com/fuelright Kelli Jennings

      Hi Renny,
      You can simply omit the bacon if you’d like, and adjust the salt to taste. Or, I have had some clients use organic beef jerky on long rides to provide sodium and protein, so if chopped finely, this is an option. Let me know what you think…