Loving the BITE: Super Bowl Menu

It’s Super Bowl Week…what better time to bust out the SuperFoods?  If you’re looking to have a Super Bowl Party with nutrient-loaded foods that can make you healthier, stronger, leaner, smarter, faster, and of course, better looking, look no further than our Loving The Bite Super Bowl Party Menu:

Party Appetizers:

  • Fresh Fruits such as Grapes and Orange Slices (believe me, these are always eaten up, even at a party)

Main Course:

  • Chicken & Bean Chili (can be made vegetarian with omission of chicken or substitution of firm tofu)

As always, these dishes and their ingredients will pack loads of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory components, detoxification nutrients, fiber, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and good-for-you-proteins to promote health, vitality, and wellness.  You don’t have to load up on junk this Sunday.  Instead, turn this party into an opportunity to fuel your body…after all, you’ve got lots of great riding ahead of you next week.

Fuel Your Ride.  Nourish Your Body.

  • Kelli

    Thanks so much for the comments!  We had great feedback regarding the chili after posting it the first time – and in my opinion, chili’s a perfect game-day main course.  We hope you enjoy! Kelli

  • Ed

    I am so ready for Superbowl, and now hungry for it as well.

  • Rachel

    I have tried a few of these when there were posted previously, but thanks for the reminder.  I haven’t tried making the chicken and bean chili so we’ll add that one to our game menu as well.  Enjoy the game.