What Your Body Needs at Different Phases of Your Ride

What kind of nutrition and hydration does your body need when you’re out cycling?  This is a question that all of us have and today our nutritionist, Kelli is here to provide her answer.

We received a question from Amy that came in as part of our “Ask the Sports Nutritionist” assistance, but the answer was just so detailed and necessary for all of us cyclists, that we’re making it into a full out post.

www.apexnutritionllc.com/freetools.html) that provides fluid, carbs, and lytes.  If you’re an athlete that prefers to drink water, at least some of the time, you’ll have to add more carbs and lytes through foods and supplements as described below.

2)      Carbs: Your body can use 60+ grams of carbs per hour (depending on the sources of carbs).  Again, I like to use a fluid that provides some of these carbohydrates (the High 5 Energy Drink or Endurance Drink are great for this!).  If drinking 20 oz. per hour of a fluid that contains ~12-15 grams carbs per 8 oz., you’ll get ~30 grams per hour just from the fluids.  Then, to get the rest of the carbs you need, add 1 small carb option such as 1 gel, 3 Shot Bloks, ½ most sports bars (or a Clif Bar Mini), 1 Honey Stinger Waffle, etc (look for ~20-30 grams carbs on the label) each hour.

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