Loving the BITE: High Energy Protein Breakfast Bar

What makes it different for every “energy bar” out there?  Or, even our Loving the Bite Lemon Energy Bar?  More protein, more healthy fats, more fiber, less carbs, and completely whole-food.  These are a perfect recipe for Daily Nutrition, but may be too slow-digesting and “heavy” for intense Training.

Bonus Recipe: Turn this Breakfast Bar into a High Protein DessertBreakfastBar (1)

Need a high-protein, low-carb treat to satisfy your sweet-tooth before bed? Cut one of these bars into a third, add just a few 70%+ cocoa dark chocolate chips or shavings, press into the top, and you’ve got a satisfying high protein treat.  Before bed, stick to more protein and less carbs to improve ongoing muscle recovery.

This week, I hope these bars offer an easy get-up-and-go breakfast option for you.  I know my schedule often demands something fast.  But, it can’t be just fast.  It needs to be whole, real food.  No “junk” ingredients.  Even in a rush, you deserve good nutrition and a bar that packs energy to start your day.

Fuel Your Ride. Nourish Your Body.

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  • Mr. Fred

    HeyDarryly looks a really good recipe. Will make some soon. I tend to drink a protein shake after a spin, would this be agood replacement? Also this looks a good protein source after a gym/weights workout what do you think? PS. Loving the Cycling 360 show. Have you ever done a show on Sprinting and how to become a better sprinter?

    • http://lovingthebike.com Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Hi Mr. Fred…..thanks for leaving your comment. I’ll let Kelli answer your question about the protein shake and workout. We’ve touched on sprinting a few times at Cycling 360 but never dedicated a full show to it. I’ll run it by Victor and see what he thinks. Thanks for the suggestion.

      • Mr. Fred

        Thanks Darryl, appriciate it. Think it would be an interesting topic. Imroving and training for sprinting specifically would (in my humble opinion) help a cyclist improve their all round cycling performance. Ah don’t worry about Victor your opinion is just as important as the Guru ;-)

    • Kelli, RD

      Hi Mr. Fred, Thanks for your comment. Yes, this bar an work well after a ride, although it may be a little low in carbs to fully replenish glycogen stores. I recommend either adding a small banana on the side or eating your next meal within 60 minutes of your recovery (if it works out well in your recovery). And, yes, it will work well for gym/weight workouts. Enjoy!

  • SlimmingItDownViaBike

    Question. Followed the directions and my batch was too dry to hold shape. So I added a bit more coconut oil. Still a bit dry I added some more. The still dry so I added some organic raisins (mostly for the moisture) the I achieved a spreadable consistency. FYI … my cashews were organic RAW if that makes any difference. I used dried craisins for the original fruit since I had some organic ones that needed to be used. Just wondering why I had to add the extra oil and raisins? Should I have pushed in dry-ish and waited for the Chia seeds to gel? Any way..I am sure they will be good but a bit more calorie bloated then the recipe because of my additions. Your thoughts on the matter would be most appreciated. What I pulled of the spatula after spreading in the dish was D-LISH! Can’t wait to try them. Thanks for the blog and recipes.

    • Kelli, RD

      Hello and thank you so much for your feedback. Hmmm- my batches have definitely been closer to sticky (before refrigeration) than dry. But, there’s definitely potential for different ingredient choices to produce different results. I did use dry-roasted cashews and this could be the difference. If using them again, I do recommend reducing the raw cashews to 1/2 cup to see if this makes the difference. You can also reduce the chia and hemp to 6 Tbsp each rather than 1/2 cup. Usually, since all of these ingredients are high in fat, they don’t tend to dry out, but something definitely didn’t work. I’m very sorry for any frustration…I know it’s a pain when these recipes don’t work right especially when they have pricey ingredients. You did what I would have done w/ adding in more coconut oil to try to add moisture. If you do try again, please let me know the results. I’m planning on making more today, so I’ll have a chance to re-test as well. Thanks again and take care!

  • Engin


    I’m a visitor from Turkey. I can find all ingridents but no Chia seeds in Turkey (or very hard to find)
    What can I use intead of Chia?



    • Kelli, RD

      Thanks for the question Engin. Go ahead and double the hemp hearts while omitting the chia. For anyone who can’t find hemp seeds, this can also be done in reverse (double chia, omit hemp hearts). These no-bake bars are very versatile in terms of ingredient combos. Hope you enjoy them!

  • Skinner

    Uh, I don’t think the recipe instructions coincide with the ingredients. Dates? Lemons?

    • http://lovingthebike.com Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Whoa, thanks for catching that. We’ve corrected the mistake and it should be good to go now. Sorry about that.