Let Me Introduce Myself – Video Style

For today’s post I’m going visual.  Even though I’ve only got a few posts under my belt, I wanted to mix it up and throw out a video instead of some writing.  The topic for the video is five things you can do when you aren’t able to get on the bike.  I hope you can understand my quick talking and Canadian accent.  This post honestly doesn’t include any mind blowing material…it’s just a chance for me to introduce myself and let you get to know me a little better.  Let me know if I should stick to the writing or if releasing future video posts is okay…..I promise not to cut my head off with the flip camera next time.  (Oh, and in my brief memory lapse, I called it the Garmin Edge 505 instead of 500.)

I had to post a follow up to the video blog above.  I’ve heard from some experts that when you’re video blogging it should be raw and organic….meaning you should do one (and only one) take and not do them over and over to get the perfect video.  Well, that’s exactly what I did….but I wanted the opportunity to add in a few things that I missed.  If I continue on with future video blogs, I vow to make them more interesting and to center myself in the frame.

YouTube video

  • http://bikerly.wordpress.com bikerly

    HaHaHa! I reckon by the time Austin Marathon is here in February that Canadian accent will be almost gone. I’m re-visiting some of my favorite blog’s first posts tonight and leaving comments. It’s a hoot!

  • Kevin

    I am not currently a biker, but having seen your blog and specifically video blog it makes me want to get out there and try it. I wonder if you could possibly do a short video blog that caters to those that are not bikers in the attempt to show is why you have such a passion for biking. I lvoe the site! Hope to see more of the same and as for myself get into biking very soon thanks to your blog!

  • Karin

    Love your site! I’m from The Netherlands, so am on a bicycle since I’m about four years old… Now living in London and really trying to cycle as much as I can, even though traffic here is not that used to us cyclists. Hope you’ll be back on your bike again soon.
    Cheers, Karin

  • http://dannybrown.me Danny Brown

    Hey there Darryl,

    Definitely stick with videos, mate. They don’t have to be every post, but they offer something intimate and human that the written word can never convey, no matter how great the write is.

    Have a great weekend, fella :)


  • Tyler

    Thing to do when off the bike #6: try to find matching touch-up paint for your chainstay after dropping your chain twice on the trainer (!) and grinding the paint off your otherwise pristine Cervelo P2…… D’oh!

    Thing to do when off the bike #7: adjust your rear derailleur to avoid item #6.

    Keep up the good work there, buddy.