The Old Give and Take

I grew up in a family where one of the mantras was:

There is always a give and take…for everything you gain, there is something you have to give up.

Being a guy who has had his fair share of change in his life, this phrase seems to flash across my mind quite often….and being here in Austin right now is no exception.

While out on a ride the other day (It seems like all of my stories start out that way – but it’s true), I started analyzing this family mantra and debating the truth to it all.  At first I came up with the equation of Stuff Gained – Stuff Lost = Value of Decision.  But then as I pedalled on, I got to thinking “How can the decision of change or adventure ever be a bad thing?”.

Sure there is a give and take…there is always going to be some of that in everything we do.  But we can’t beat ourselves up over it.  Adventure/Change/Living Life wins out every single time.  Enough said.

What I do know is that right now I have gained great cycling weather, a great cycling environment, fantastic cycling friends…..and a whole lot of fun and excitement on and off the bike.

  • bikerly

    Easily my favorite post of the week. Teaching your kids to follow their passion… you added this to the value equation right?

  • http://marijolamarche.wordpress mari-jo Lamarche

    Morning Darryl! Your move to Austin really sounds like a great one! You’ve been happy and busy ever since you got there!
    As for the expression “Give and take”, I never thought about it before but I guess it is part of my life; somethings I would give up in a second and others that I deeply cherish!
    Thanks for always coming up with interesting topics!

  • Clive Chapman

    A bit deep for me this, I’m just a simple Brummie (person from Birmingham). I think sometimes you have to accept life as it is, other times you can actively change stuff. I ain’t one for over analysis.

    Not sure about the give and take though.

    In my experience the phrase “sh*t happens deal with it” is the better truism. That’s not me being negative or cycnical by the way, just how I’ve found things to be in my 46 years on this remarkable planet.

    Despite what I’ve writen above, I am an optimist though!

  • Pedalman

    I love that mantra. It is one that comes to the forefront of my life on a regular basis but I look at it a bit differently. What do I ‘take away’ with me by giving? If I take away with me – happiness, compassion, better life for my fellow man or maybe just a welcoming smile by giving than to me it’s worth it. I try not to equate losing something by giving.

    • Darryl

      You’re such an interesting and amazing person. I really like your thought process on the give and take. Incredible.

  • Traci

    That’s a great motto to have – “There is always a give and take…for everything you gain, there is something you have to give up.” I for one, don’t believe that anyone can ever “have it all” – or at least not have it all and be truly successful at everything. In order to be happy, I think we have to make tough decisions about what it is that we REALLY want at a particular time. That can keep changing and evolving of course, in order to grow and experience new things.

    Are you living in Austin now, or just there temporarily?