Asylum Cycles uses Crowd Supply to Launch Bike Company

On top of the introductory price, our 10-year no-fault crash replacement policy—for original owners—and 3-year warranty are our way of building a partnership with our customers. We want the people who get in on this brand from the get-go to share the journey with us. We also want you to ride your bike hard.

May 18th is the project deadline. We’re over 70% funded.  Support Asylum by going to their Crowd Supply page:

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  • Eric Hutchins

    Love to see this kind of stuff, , makes me miss owning a bike shop. No Pamela, not enough to ever think about doing it again but, still. I love bikes and I love stuff like this

  • Shawn McAfee

    Sounds cool. I’ve always wanted to try Cyclocross, but certainly don’t have the money to back you guys right now.

    Good luck, I definitely hope that you get the funding!

    • Asylum Cycles

      Shawn, Thanks. Stay tuned, assuming that we reach 100% by the 18th, the Meuse will still be available for a budget-friendly price–compared to other cyclocross bikes of this caliber–until October.

  • Eb

    I hope you make it to 100%. Unfortunately I’m not able to help fund you right now, but I will come looking when I’m ready to buy a cx next year. Good luck. I will pass this on to my cross friends.

    • Asylum Cycles

      Eb, we really appreciate it. Thanks much for the encouragement and tell your friends to get in contact with any questions they might have. We love talking bikes with new people.

  • Benji

    I’m not a cross rider. Yet. I have been wanting to get a cross bike for some time now but have never talked to anyone about what would be good for me. I’m an average road rider, what kind of information should I provide you with to find out what type of cross bike would be best for me?

    • Asylum Cycles

      Benji, we’d be happy to talk to you about ‘Cross bikes if you’d be interested in hearing our viewpoint. Backing the Meuse is one of the best ways to get in on a great ‘cross bike. The disc-brakes also future-proof the purchase. Check out Cyclocross Magazine’s coverage of the Meuse here: Also, Feel free to reach out to us at this email: patrick[dot]croasdaile[at]crowdsupply[dot]com

  • Richard

    Looks like a great bike. Good luck in getting to 100% guys.

    • Asylum Cycles

      Richard, thanks very much. Input from the public at large is a cornerstone to this brand moving forward. We appreciate your encouragement.

  • Ben

    I’ve never funded any projects through kickstarter and have actually never heard of crowdfund, but this one interests me. Plus I could use a cross bike. I’ll take a look at the options and see how I can donate.

    • Asylum Cycles

      Ben, Crowd Supply is a new way to crowdfund projects. The Meuse is one of the launch items and is poised for success. Please hit us up with any questions you might have: patrick[dot]croasdaile[at]crowdsupply[dot]com

    • Nick

      Same here, but all my friends are doing it so I figure I should help fund a company. This one looks like a good place to start. Plus, I could use a cross bike.

      • Asylum Cycles

        You can never have too many bikes. Let us know if you have any questions.