Best Cycling Tracks in Australia

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to go cycling in Australia.  I haven’t been able to make it over there just yet, but to keep me dreaming we’re putting up this post by Jenna Boister.  Have a look at the top cycling spots in Australia according to Jenna.


Best Cycling Tracks in Australia

by Jenna Boister

With vast coastlines, rugged terrain, and an abundance of natural beauty and wildlife, it’s no wonder that cycling is one of the most popular recreational activities in Australia. This is backed up by research undertaken by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which showed that during the past 10 years, Australians purchased more bicycles than cars. People prefer biking because aside from its other numerous benefits, it is also a great way to explore various parts of the country while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re planning a trip down under and want to explore the country by bike, we’ve come up with a list of the four best cycling tracks:

1. Tasmanian Trail (Tasmania)

Cycling Australia

Country roads, forest tracks and rocky surfaces—those are the few things you should expect to see and experience on the Tasmanian bike trail. It is 480 kilometres long and runs from the north coast of Devonport to Dover; providing hundreds of kilometres of terrain, rich in natural Tasmanian heritage, for the rider. The first two stages of the track are pretty easy but gets tougher when you reach around the 30-40 kilometre mark.

The trail is challenging and quite complicated thus it would require some technical riding skills and great stamina; and expert bikers advise that it is best to cycle this trail around October to March.  This cycling track is perfect for those that are looking for a good physical workout while enjoying the scenic beauty Tasmania has to offer.

2. Birdsville Track (Queensland)

Cycling Australia

Known for its overall remoteness, the Birdsville Track is one of the most popular cycling tracks in Australia. This 523 kilometres long track starts in Birdsville, Queensland and ends in Marree, South Australia. The entire track can be finished within seven days and expert bikers advise that it’s best to bike on this trail around April to October.

This cycling track can be bumpy due to the chunky gravel and dry watercourses in the area. Riders should expect to experience plenty of vibration and should not forget to bring their own spare bike parts as there are no bike shops within the area!

3. Mawson Trail (South Australia)

The Mawson cycling trail is a mountain bike trail that was said to be set up by the South Australian government, for those wanting the ultimate cycling 039-Mawson-Trail-5adventure. The whole track is scenic and challenging and would definitely be enjoyed by thrill-seekers looking to explore some more of the rural South Australian towns.

The trail is about 900 kilometres long and can be found beginning in Adelaide and ending in the outback town of Blinman in the North Flinders Ranges. This trail comprises of state forest, country roads, and farm tracks. It takes approximately two weeks to finish this track and expert cyclists warn to stay away during the hotter months of January to March.

4. Mt Augustus (Western Australia)

For those who are looking for a magnificent long distance bike ride, the Mt. Augustus cycling track is the one for you. The backdrop is breath-taking and the road surface is generally easy to ride. The entire cycling track is 860 kilometres long and is located in Exmouth, and ends in Meekatharra in the Gascoyne region.

An average rider will take ten days to complete this cycling track, and it is best to visit Mt. Augustus around spring to enjoy the wildflowers that blossom over the entire landscape.

5.  Manly Beach Bike Trail (New South Wales)

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