Discover These European Cities by Bike

Public Bike programs have totally exploded over the past couple years.  Hans Hendrik has some information on Europe’s public bike scheme and includes a nice little graphic to explain it all.

Europe’s Public Bike Scheme

by Hans Hendrik

The joy of exploring a city on a bike cannot be topped by tour busses.  Cycling along the locals, charting own paths, stopping at parks for a picnic or just experiencing the ‘real’ city beyond tour busses and museums.  When on holiday, the easiest way to do that is by using the government sponsored bike schemes.  A lot of European cities offer those bikes to locals as well as visitors.  All you need to do to be able to use it is to sign up.  Momondo captured all the important information on their handy guide to Europe’s public bike scheme including cities like Berlin, London or Paris.  Find the rates and also a recommended route on it. Enjoy!

For a larger version of this Europe Public Bike Scheme, just click on the image.

Public-Bike-Transport-by-City_English - FINAL-1 (2)