Drip by Drip: The Sustainable Cyclist

I think some people are wondering what the point of this Drip by Drip campaign is.  I think some people even think it’s a little idiotic.  The purpose is to get people thinking about the resources we waste in this country and to do it in a creative way.  I’m not telling anyone to do this themselves nor am I expecting them to. I am only hoping to help others see our precious resources from a new light and in turn take action to preserve them for all to enjoy.  I believe that it is harder to appreciate what you have when you have too much of it or it is too easily available. Often when we have excess of something it looses its value in our mind.  When water flows from a tap with the turn of a knob it is no longer seen for the live giving value that it holds.  When light is created by the flick of a switch it is not valued such is the light given off by the rising sun after a long dark night. When heat is created by twisting a knob it is not savored like it would be if a fire was lit to warm trembling hands. When sweat is evaporated off a hot body by conveniently turning on an air conditioner it is not appreciated like a shady spot under an oak tree.  When electricity is so easy to use that you forget where it comes from gratitude is no longer felt like it is when you harness the energy of the sun from a solar panel when it is available.

I personally have chosen to deprive myself of these resources that we take for granted so that I can gain a deeper appreciation for them.  I have chosen to learn where these resources truly come from so that I can understand them and make conscious decisions about my usage.  By creating a deep appreciation for these resources I know I will do a better job of preserving them.  I also now have the ability to feel great joy from these simple things.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy because the simple things in life are what make me happy.  It’s absolutely vital for me to have happiness in my life and in great amounts.  I have been a happy guy for a very long time now and I only intend to become happier.  I’ll do that by gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of what surrounds me on this earth. I think everybody likes to be happy, even when they pretend they don’t and I believe that the things I have practiced could bring happiness to most any life.

The day wore on as I pedaled down the open blacktop road.  A bountiful green forest laid before me as far as the eyes could see and beyond that the big blue sky full of fluffy white clouds said to me, “Look at me.  I’m beautiful.”  The scenery and the fatigue caused tears to well up in my eyes but they did not fall onto my cheeks.  I was excited for tears to fall but they never did and I think it was my bodies desire to preserve the sacred water that it held inside.

I called it a day after 50 miles of riding and found a quiet remote beach to pass the rest of the evening.  I swam in the ocean and after drying off and eating a half loaf of bread sat on a bench overlooking the ocean and wrote about my day.  This was my first swim in the open Atlantic ocean since my arrival and it is truly wonderful to be here.  I have no water and haven’t had a drop for a few hours now.  Oh how wonderful a few ounces will be.  I will savor my next drink in the morning though.  It is dark now and I am having trouble seeing the screen through the cloud of mosquitoes so I’ll end on that note.  Hopefully I can find a spot on the beach where these blood hungry insects won’t seek me out.

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Photo by Brent Martin.

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