Hashtag Tuesday: #saveacyclist

We had a great response to last week’s blog about #twowheeltuesday, where we  interviewed @Aus10Nichols of One Tree Hill and Carol of @LACBC about its origins.  We’re back with our weekly cycling # feature, and once again Joe anthony has the honors of sharing this week’s story……#saveacyclist.


- by Joe Anthony

While we spend most of our time online sharing the irrefutable joys of cycling here, @lovingthebike, and @bikecommutenews….unfortunately the dangers that come along with cycling are all too common.

Transportation in itself is risky, with as many as 50,000 driver fatalities every year in the U.S. alone, but cyclists are particularly vulnerable on the streets. Despite existing laws protecting cyclists, and driver education that anyone with a driver’s license has undergone, many still don’t take care to watch out for cyclists on the roads. The tragedy is that so many of these deaths are preventable.

@bikinginla recently posted a great piece on the vulnerability of cyclists, and just how avoidable car vs. bike collisions really are in a blog posted on @KCRW: I Trust You with My Life. No really.

The truth is that collisions are actually hard to have. If you obey the law, pass and turn safely, and pay attention to the road in front of you — and I do the same — it’s virtually impossible to come in contact with one another. That’s why, if you’ve noticed, I don’t use the word accident to describe a wreck. Because very few accidents actually are. In order to have one, someone has to do something stupid, careless or illegal to cause it. And that’s why I have trust in you. Because I can only control what I do on the road. The rest is your hands. And I’m counting on you to make sure we both get home safely.

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