My Riding Buddy

We had Dave Boyd guest post a little while back and he’s such a nice guy and great writer that we just had to have him back once again.  He honestly is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I hope you enjoy this beautiful little poem he wrote about his “Riding Buddy”.

My Riding Buddy

by Dave Boyd

Some days he rides in front of me

Some days he lags behind

Sometime he’s right there next to me

Matching climb for climb

At times others join us

Along our sunny path

We all ride up, down, SIDEWAYS?

Advancing on our quest.

We log those miles weekly

Morning noon and night.

There’s no use taking shortcuts.

We’ll only lose the fight.

If you haven’t guessed yet

My riding buddy’s me.

Not my skin and organs.

My Shadow rides with me.


Dave is a recreational cyclist and runner.  When he’s not cycling or traveling for work, he’s playing with his 3 kids or taking off on a run.  He tweets about running, riding, travel and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Photo c/o Dave Boyd

  • Pam H

    Awe, how sweet.  Have fun with your buddy out there.

    • Dave Boyd

      Thanks for the interest Pam. I might have a window tomorrow to take my buddy for a spin. The weather should be perfect!

  • BrennanAnnie

    Awesome – my kind of poetry.  Thanks for sharing Dave.

    • Dave Boyd

      I appreciate hearing that. If you like to write, perhaps Darryl will give you a good medium to share. I always like seeing the writing style of others. Consider that a nudge to write above the comments section. I’m happy you chose to leave feedback.

  • Jessica

    I read this just before I went our riding today and kept on glancing down at my shadow, just like someone else mentioned.  I was safe about it.  I guess you could say that I thought of you throughout my ride.  Oh, and yes I was Loving the Bike for sure.  Thanks.

    • Dave Boyd

      Great job getting out and making some fun shadows Jessica. And well done being safe. I appreciate the thoughts. I hope it inspired you to push hard and get the most out of your body!

  • Sam J

    This post gave me a great idea.  You should have everyone send in a picture of their bicycle shadow.  I’ve seen a lot of panda shots, but have not seen many interesting shadow pictures.  This is a great poem, by the way.

    • Dave Boyd

      I like that idea Sam. I’m always interested in new ways to look at things, whether it be an idea or a shadow, or the idea of a shadow, or even a shadow of an id… I’ll stop now.

    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      Yeah, great idea.  I’m going to post this on our Facebook page and have people put up their “Shadow Shots”.  Thanks Sam.

  • Eric

    I’ll probably be staring at my shadow during my entire ride today, but that’s okay.  Thank for this nice poem to start off my day.

    • Dave Boyd

      Happy to give a hand Eric. I trust you’ll still watch out for objects more solid than your shadow as well! Stay safe!!

  • Amanda Gale Kotyk

    I love this poem!  Thanks for sharing, Dave. 

    • Dave Boyd

      Glad you liked it Amanda. I appreciate the feedback. We’ll have to get all our shadows together next time I’m in town.

  • Tim Starry
    • Darryl is Loving the Bike

      I guess you and Dave must be some sort of soul brothers….or I guess it would be shadow brothers.

  • dboyd22

    Darryl, thanks for the super-kind intro. I’ll have a hard time pushing readers here. I’ll feel like I’m patting myself on the back.

  • Martha A. Boyd

    What a beautiful poem, Dave! I won’t look a my riding buddy the same way again. :)  I remember you taking a pic of my riding buddy while you were here. Ha! 

    • dboyd22

      I forgot about that. I should have sent if to Darryl for this post!

      • Darryl is Loving the Bike

        How about this….we’ll all get together for a ride soon and take a group picture of all three riding buddies.