Off the Grid Bicycle Tour: Day 53

My Off the Grid cycling tour buddy, Rob continues his journey to promote sustainability.  Here’s his journal entry from Day 53 that includes wise words and an update on his ride.

“Every day we choose, whether we realize it or not, to be a part of the solution or to be a part of the problem.”

Off the Grid Bicycle Tour: Day 53

by Rob Greenfield

Rob Greenfield off the grid bicycle tour

I left Grant’s house at 3:30 as the clouds rolled in partially covering up the sun. It had been a hot day, 85+ degrees, and this cooled it off a bit.  A few sprinkles fell from the sky and the humid air was full of vigor and life.  Leaving town I was tremendously grateful to have spent time with great friends and rested my drained body.  I stopped behind the grocery store on the way out and loaded my bag full of blackberries, apples, nectarines, spinach, and melons.  This ten pounds of fruit would last me for about twenty-four hours.

The terrain outside of Boscobel was stunningly beautiful and brought excitement to my mind and body.  The road took me along the flooded Wisconsin River that was flowing through the forests creating a river wonderland.  The green land enthralled me and was full of magical scents from blooming trees and wildflowers.  The air was the ideal temperature to be riding in just my shorts and my hairy body trapped hundreds of little insects all over it.  Insects bounced off my forehead and flew into my eyes but I enjoyed this knowing it was a sign of the life that this river had created.  I pedaled along the Wisconsin River feeling as inspired as could be by the beauty surrounding me. The beauty was so grand that it brought sadness to me, as nature often does.

This is Wisconsin. This is my homeland. This is where my roots spread into the ground as a youth and soaked up knowledge, experiences, friendships, love, and memories.  This is where I was molded into the man I am today.  This is Wisconsin. This is my homeland.  As far away as I travel and as long as I stay away it will always be the land that made me who I am today.

The lush dense forests and the green pastures full of spotted cows were a source of great inspiration for me.  Emotions flooded my mind, opening it up and allowing me to come up with inspiration of methods to create the happier and healthier world I desire to see.  I took voice memos of the ideas as to not forget them so that I could capture them in their peak and transcribe them onto paper when I had the time.

On this journey I have created and solidified my mission in life and have dedicated myself to being the change that we need in this world.  To being the inspiration that people need in order to take action. To lead by example to demonstrate what can be done and what is attainable for anyone. To teach simple ways to live a happier healthier that will create a happier healthier planet.  That is who Rob Greenfield is and that is who Rob Greenfield will be.  The path that I took in my younger years in Wisconsin did not always have an obvious arrow pointing in this direction but I am thankful for every moment that I have spent on this earth because it has brought me to where I am today and it has led me into this mission. It has created a desire deep inside me to be the change that this planet needs.  I gave thanks to the Wisconsin wilderness for the shivers it sent down my spine as I rode today and for being a source for the greatness inside me.

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