Off the Grid Bicycle Tour Update: Day 39

It’s time again to check up on my buddy Rob Greenfield who’s currently riding across the United States….Off the Grid.  He’s doing this in an effort to promote sustainability and I must say he is one awesome dude doing awesome things for this world of ours.

Off the Grid Update: Day 39

by Rob Greenfield

Rob Greenfield Cycling Off the Grid

I woke up in a bed of my own.  I think that’s the first time I was able to say that in 40 days.  I took advantage of the alone time that Bev and Timothy provided me and lounged in bed for an hour or two.  My stomach was still in pain and Bev suggested some baking soda with a glass of water to settle it down and by golly it worked.  It was such a wonderful experience staying with them.  They were real fine Nebraska folk and gave me an experience that will paint happy pictures of Nebraska in my head for some time to come.  Another great experience with  At 11:00 Bev sent us off and we were on our way with the goal of making it to Hastings, Nebraska just 55 miles east by the early evening.

Nebraska was true to the words it spoke to Kansas and it sent winds straight at me from the NE. They started out slow at around ten mph but picked up through out the day until they reached twenty-five.  I handled it well, consistently pedaling all day long.  It was very hard to believe that after so many consecutive days of southern winds they would change to the northeast when I headed in that very direction.  I could have taken it very bitterly and at times it got to me but overall I just kept pumping away.  Heck every bit more challenging the ride would mean that much more definition in my legs and I can’t complain with that.

At Tim’s suggestions I stopped into the NTV News station, just a stones throw off of highway 36, to see if they’d want to do a piece on my trip and sure enough they did. Reporter Alissa Willard interviewed me and she plans to air it on the morning and afternoon shows tomorrow.  She was an awesome girl and I had a really fun time hanging out at the station with her.  You’ll be able to watch the interview at

After the news it was back on the wind beaten road for another thirty miles to Hastings.  The wind ate away at my strength but it didn’t eat away at my spirits.  The power in my legs faded with each mile and I counted down the hours until I would reach my destination for the night where I could relax.  I say hours because I knew exactly how long it would take me to get there if I just kept on pedaling.  On top of the headwinds my stomach was in near excruciating pain so the pedaling was quite strenuous.  I am still having a very hard time digesting food and my digestive system is creating an extreme amount of gas.  My stomach and intestines are very bloated.  I realized that it is partially my fault as I have been eating way too fast which is possibly overloading my stomach and also I still have not been getting enough sleep.  I’m sure it will go away though.  It’s just a matter of time and rest.  Today I am eating pretty much only fruits and that should give my stomach a chance to rest from taxing work.

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