The Best Bike Paths in Quebec City

I am from Canada, but there is a whole lot of that huge country that I have never explored on a bike.  One such area is Quebec City.  Alexandre Duval knows all about the best bicycle paths in that location, and is here to give us the top 5 bike paths in Quebec City.

The Best Bike Paths in Quebec City

Summer is now on its way… And with it comes the biking season! With close to 7,000 kilometres of bike lanes and paths, the Canadian province of Quebec indisputably is a destination of choice for bicycle touring lovers. The province – the largest in Canada – offers a wide range of unique panoramas in each of its 17 administrative regions. Still, the Capitale-Nationale region absolutely has to be on one’ bucket list! Both in Quebec City and its surroundings, fabulous bike paths and lanes allow you to discover a blend of city, countryside and nature.

Cycling Quebec City

1. Le Corridor du littoral

Part of the 5,000-kilometre long Route Verte that extends across many beautiful Quebecois regions, the Corridor du littoral section unquestionably is among the must-see parts of the Route Verte. Starting in Cap-Rouge and bordering the majestic St. Lawrence River – which is the 25th largest river in the world – the Corridor du Littoral brings cyclists up to the enchanting site of the 83-metre high Montmorency Falls.

On their way to the falls, cyclists will have the chance to bike through the modern, artsy Promenade Samuel-de-Champlain which was built to celebrate Quebec   City’s 400th anniversary in an effort to promote citizen access to the waterside. Le Corridor du Littoral also brings cyclists through the Old Quebec area, allowing them to see what undoubtedly is one of the most picturesque and attractive (if not the most) historical districts in North America.

2. Le Circuit Félix-Leclerc

Spanning 67 kilometres, the Circuit Félix-Leclerc is located on the Orleans Island, just east of Quebec City, and was named after legendary Quebecois singer, poet and songwriter Félix Leclerc who lived and died on the Island. Going around the Island using its main road, the Circuit brings the visitors through charming, small villages where local producers have established a strong reputation due to the excellence of their wines, alcohols, pâtés, etc. The Circuit offers unique outlooks on both Quebec City and the Montmorency Falls.

3. La Véloroute Marie-Hélène-Prémont

Named after Quebecois cross-country mountain biker Marie-Hélène Prémont (who won the silver medal at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens), the Véloroute Marie-Hélène-Prémont is located on one of the oldest roads in the province of Quebec: the Route de la Nouvelle-France. It brings bicycle touring lovers through seven towns that showcase interesting cultural activities as well as great architecture. The Véloroute also offers more than 40 tourist attractions.

4. Le Circuit du Cap-Tourmente

balise_2012The Circuit du Cap-Tourmente is a very short path: although it is quite close to the Véloroute Marie-Hélène-Prémont, the Circuit only extends across 10 kilometres. Still, it is an ideal place to spend an afternoon with the kids, not only because the circuit is short, but also because it is a National Wildlife Area that serves as the primary habitat of the Greater Snow Goose during its migration. The Circuit therefore is a wonderful occasion to mix sports with nature, picnicking and bird observation. Adults will also be able to make a short stop at a local wine yard if they wish to…

5. La Vélopiste Jacques-Cartier-Portneuf

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