The Enjoyable Ride of a Mountain Bike


I know I’ve been enjoying my time on the mountain bike lately, but haven’t really gotten into the extreme side of the sport.  Sachin Gupta knows that fun and adventure can be found on a mountain bike and shares this guest post with our readers.

The Enjoyable Ride of a Mountain Bike

by Sachin Gupta


Mountain bikes are typically meant for people who love to ride the hills.  People who trek on the mountains might also carry their bikes with them.  They are more interested in riding downhill.  Mountain  bikes are seen ridden on logging roads, in the unpaved environments, fire roads etc.  We can imagine if the bike is meant to be ridden on such roads, how strong and tough the body or the structure of the bicycle is.

Therefore calling it just a “cycle” shall not be justified for the task it has to perform and for which it has been designed. Usually, the un-even and logging roads involve rocks, loose gravel, washouts, ruts etc.  This kind of terrain is apt for such bikes and this is exactly how these bikes got their name.

Construction of a Mountain Bike

There are many noticeable difference between a mountain bike and other form of bicycle.  The body or the structure of the mountain bikes includes:

  • Larger and bulky knobby tires
  • Heavy duty and durable wheels.
  • Suspension on the fork and the frame (front suspension or full).
  • Also, lower gear ratios are needed for steep grades, which have poor traction.
  • The brakes can be more powerful.

We can divide or classify the mountain bikes into the following categories:

Hardtail:  The frame has no rear suspension, but has a front suspension fork.

Rigid: A frame which has no suspension at all, fixed rear and also a rigid fork.

Full suspension: As signified by the name, complete suspension on the front and a linkage which shall allow the rear wheels to revolve around their pivot.

The style and the craze for mountain bikes has evolved recently, and the terms such as “trail bike” and “free ride”, are being used to categorize the mountain bikes.  These are the most widely used terms for mountain bikes:

  • Cross country
  • Enduro/ all mountain
  • Downhill
  • Trial
  • Free ride
  • Single speed
  • Dirt jumping
  • North shore

Basic Guides to Choose Your Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are known for their super versatility.  Usually bikes are meant for cruising along the bike path, hauling to the grocery shop, but the mountain bike is meant for the riders in the dirt trails…..but can be used for so much more.

  • One must know his/her riding style very well – once you experience and know your riding style, choosing a bike for yourself is an easy task.  If you don’t know your riding style, go for a general “trail bike”.  After you have ridden this, you might get to know what your style, and then next time go for one which you think is the best for you.
  • Know your budget well – you should ideally make up your mind as to what kind of bike and of what cost you require.  The very basic models start from $300 and in case you require models which have full suspension and higher end components, these can easily exceed $3,000.
  • Test ride the bike you wish to purchase – to be on a safer side and test drive the bike and other such bikes, so that you can pin point the difference among many.  One must always try to test drive the bike they are keen to purchase.

A Note of Caution

  • Helmet – It is a must for all bike riders, the helmet shall be your main concern for your own well being.
  • Knee pads and elbow pads – When riding in the mountainous regions, even if one falls slightly, there are chances of the wound becoming very bad.  Therefore, make sure every time you ride in the mountains carry your pads for one’s safety.
  • Medical aid bag – This need not be a big bag, but one which will easily attach on your waist and can be used whenever needed.

Enjoy the pleasurable ride near your camping areas and have fun racing with your friends.  Mountain biking is a great way to spend the day.

Enjoy Your Ride
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