Top 3 Cycling Itineraries for Montreal

A few weeks ago we put up an article that laid down the best bike paths in Quebec City.  We’re focusing on French Canada once again and this time giving you the top 3 cycling itineraries for Montreal.  Thanks to Caroline Simpson for providing this valuable information to any of you traveling to Canada this summer.

Cycling Around Montreal: 3 Itinerary Suggestions

by Caroline Simpson

Montreal is one of the most bicycle-friendly city in North America. When the fair season comes, there are almost as many cyclists than cars on the road! Quebec’s largest city being mostly flat, it is quite easy to explore on two wheels – and there are pretty amazing bike paths to discover. Here are three itinerary suggestions.

Itinerary #1: The Canal Lachine

Canal_Lachine_Ecluse Cycling

This completely off-road, flat and paved bike path will take you along the Lachine Canal, which runs on the Southwest part of the city. Get started at the Old Port (the bike path is clearly spottable, right by the water) and keep on pedaling, towards west. First you’ll pass along industries, old Montreal buildings, the Atwater market, going from one side of the canal to the other as you follow the path. And then the landscape will slowly change, as you get closer to lake St-Louis. By the time you reach the end of the path, you won’t believe you were downtown a mere forty-five minutes ago. It is a true must-do for every cyclist visiting Montreal.

Itinerary #2: The Cap-St-Jacques Beach

The Cap St-Jacques Nature Park, located on the western tip of the Montreal Island, has much to offer: An Ecological farm, an Arboretum, miles of peaceful paths in the nature and, of course, a stunning beach. There are a few bike paths within the park itself; You can either choose to get there by Montreal Cyclingother means (car, bus, etc.) and ride your bike once you get at the park or, if you’re up for a ride, you can bike there from downtown; there is no direct bike path leading you there, you’ll have to follow different ones and to ride on the road as well. A quick research on Google Maps will help you figure out the way. It’s a long ride, but you’ll be rewarded by a swim in the fresh water when you finally get to the beach!

Itinerary #3: The City

Your cycling experience in Montreal will not be complete until you ride your bike within the city itself. Start at the Old Port, approximately where you started for your trip along the Lachine Canal, but instead of going West, go North, towards the city center. It is a pleasant bike ride that’ll take you right in the heart of the action. You’ll pass by the imposing National Library, by some buildings of the UQAM, one of Montreal’s most important universities; you’ll go through the trendy and hip neighborhood of Plateau Mont-Royal and its colorful houses. The path will also take you across the beautiful Park Lafontaine, an ideal place to stop for a picnic.

Caroline Simpson is a writer, a translator and a travel addict who’s always looking for ways to make life easier. She works as a freelance blogger for Le Yeti, a Montreal-based bike dealer that sells a great variety of brands, such as the famous De Vinci bike.

  • Lichita Chavez

    I miss cycling around the canal, one of my best routes

  • Eric

    Montreal is such a great city. I have really enjoyed running up the hill in the park at the center of town. The view is killer.

  • Susan

    Montreal is beautiful. Even better on a bike.

  • Eddie

    Looks good to me. I’m not too far from the Canadian border, maybe I can ride up there sometime.

  • B Rogers

    I went cycling in Montreal last summer but mostly went riding around the city. The next time I go back I’ll have to try out those other recommended routes.