Tour de France Week 2 in Numbers

Can you believe that the Tour de France ends on Sunday?  For some people (that aren’t really into cycling races), the Tour seems to drag on forever….but for the rest of us, it just flies on by.

The 100th edition of the Tour has had some spectacular moments, and I hope you’ve been able to watch all the action.  If you missed any of the stages during week two of the Tour….we’ve got a nice little infographic for you that picks out the highlights of what went down.

In the first Tour de France graphic we put up as the tour began, we featured Chris Froome and kind of expected him to be in yellow when things were all done.  If you missed that one, click for a look at the anatomy of Chris Froome.

Tour de France - Week 2 in Numbers

  • вилла Коста Брава

    Я собираюсь во Францию ​​на каникулы, но не в воскресенье, я буду там в конце этого месяца … Франция является прекрасной страной или каждый турист должен прийти туда или увидеть красоту этого прекрасного места .. . Хорошая почта, спасибо за такой обмен ..!