Tulsa Tough Cycling Race and Grand Fondo

Tulsa Loves the Ladies

Tulsa is home to the Saint Francis Tulsa Tough Divas, a group of women of all abilities who gather to be active, share experiences and socialize. Oh yeah, they also ride bicycles. You don=t have to live in Tulsa to be a Diva. Women around the country have joined. Go to www.tulsatough.com and click the Be A Diva link. You’ll get a cool Saint Francis Tulsa Tough Diva t-shirt and jersey for starters. You know you want one, so just do it. Besides, the very word diva derives from the Italian word of the same spelling meaning A female deity.  Come on . . . who wouldn’t want to be one of those? And by the way, no boys allowed.

Once you get here, you’ll be glad you did. You’ll come back. You’ll tell your friends about it. And we’ll all have a blast together.

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  • c_f

    I’m in! The atmosphere at Tulsa Tough is a large reason I got into cycling. CryBaby hill = good time!