Up and Comer: Jeremy Durrin

Please join me in checking out this guest post from Jeremy Durrin.  He has the drive and motivation to be the next big cycling pro….but over here at Loving the Bike we already see him as a Champion.

Congratulations to Paul Prosser from Arizona.  He is the winner of the Licensed Team Cycling Jersey that Jeremy and VOmax provided as our giveaway.  Paul selected a Boston Bruins Jersey…it will be on it’s way very soon.

When I was 18 and coming out of high school I needed an outlet for my athletic drive. A friend let me borrow a bike and that’s when it all started. I began riding an hour a day with my friends that were clearly much faster than me, that made me work harder so that I could become quicker and stronger. After my first few races, I set a cycling career goal of making it to the category 2 level. I set this goal because I knew I could achieve it.   Becoming a category 1 (at least I thought at the time) was going to takes many years because those guys were so fast!

Well, I became a category 1 rider two years after I started racing with the Wheelhouse / NCC elite team out of Easthampton MA. Since cycling has helped me so much through the past few years, I have decided to try and make a career in the cycling industry. I aspire to become a professional, but who doesn’t?  I currently work for a cycling clothing company, VOmax, as their social media marketing manager in Northampton MA. This gives me the flexibility to work and train when I want to.

Cycling has really changed my life. So now I plan to give back to cycling as much as I can throughout my career. As I journey through the ranks of cycling I hope to reach the top and sign a pro contract one day. My dream is to race the Tour of California, if that happens I couldn’t ask for anything more! The team I am currently with has a great community influence. We run kids races, lead group rides, help people get started riding, and donate to the community. The directors of my team are great, they not only are really fast but really care about giving back to the sport that gave them so much. That’s what I want to do as well.

Jeremy in breakaway at Collegiate Nationals this year. Racing for UMass Amherst

Now I’m 22 years old, and have a great support system in cycling. I am trying to make a name for myself and get noticed so I can race with the pros someday soon! Watch out on the social media front for me on @Vomaxtechnical and there are talks about me joining the Bikereg.com social media front as well. I will be conducting video interviews of top cyclocross racers, for my various blogs through VOmax and Bikereg.com.

Please help and support me along the way.

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