Yoga for Cyclists: Loosen up your tight hips

Grace Wathen is owner of Grace Yoga in Salt Lake City where she teaches her unique method (inspired by her Guru, Bekir Algan, PhD.), “Yoga for the Seasons”.  In addition to her apprenticeship with her Guru, Grace has trained with Dharma Mittra, Bikram Choudhury, and Baron Baptiste.  A yogini for 11 years and counting, Grace is also an avid cyclist and has been a 100% bicycle commuter for over 2 years now. She offers free yoga weekly to recovering addicts and is a volunteer for the Salt Lake County Bicycle Advisory.  Visit her website at

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  • Pillow

    Excellent …. Tried every hip strech on the Internet, with limited luck. This worked in 2 mins.
    Look silly will pillow between my legs but who care, I will sleep better tonight.


  • holbrob

    Would you care to help me out by completing a survey for school?
    We’re trying to study ways to improve the yoga experience,
    Please and thanks

  • Tony

    Looks great. I’ve been incorporating Yoga into my fitness routine ever since starting P90X. The Yoga X workout is intense. I never thought I could like yoga but love the feeling I get afterwards and it’s definitely helped my on my bike. I feel that I recover from long rides quicker now, kudos on the post about yoga :)

    • Darryl

      Thanks Tony…I didn’t know that there was a yoga component to P90X. Good stretching and/or yoga is definitely something to do to help out the cycling legs and hips.

  • Tim

    awesome…I’m going to try this