You Could Illustrate Your Bicycle

I’m usually always willing to help a passionate cyclist promote their project….so today we’re posting some information about a new kickstarter project by Andy Scullion.  He wants to put together a bicycle illustration, and it just might feature one of your bikes.

The Beautiful Bicycle Print

by Andy Scullion The Beautiful Bicycle Poster Are you a bike lover? Then this project will interest you. As a graphic designer and bike lover an idea suddenly came to me… why not combine the two great interests? I’ve designed an 17×22 inches (A2) print is split into 32 sections. In each of these sections will be a detailed illustration of a real bicycle and it could be yours! The aim of this project is to share the most beautiful bicycles from across the globe with everyone. The project is hosted on the crowdsourcing website Kickstarter. In order for this project to be the ‘BEAUTIFUL’ bicycle print, only the best bicycles will be included.  These will be chosen from all of the backers who submit their machine.  The selected bike owners will email me with photos of their bike and I will discuss with them regarding the details included. Your name and location will be included discreetly in the illustration.

Mock up of final print


Sizes and paper type

The main print is 17×22 inches (A2) on thick, 270 grams, antique,  uncoated paper for a quality finish. A smaller version is available postcard size on thick card. For more information, find them on Kickstarter. sofa


  • Lucy Summers

    This is brilliant! I’m definitely going to order a finished poster, love it! x

  • Eric Hutchins

    Pretty cool
    I say this unicycle with a huge wheel and AREOBARS, no kidding, In Baltimore, was the most amazing thing I think I have ever seen. (bike that is)

  • Bill Micou

    Why no recumbent?