Hashtag Tuesday: #creatinghashtags

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With all of this said, there are a couple cycling hashtags that I’d like to see created.  If you didn’t guess, one is #LovingtheBike which is a tag to be used in tweets that pertain to people showing love for cycling.  Not only does it keep our brand strong on Twitter, but also provides a pretty Exciting, Relevant, and appropriate Length tag….if we do say so ourselves.

Another tag I’d like to see take off comes from my friend @RaceG206.  She tweeted once about Cycling being like a church….and a perfect hashtag to be created from that would be #CyclingChurch.  Let’ make it happen.

What kind of Cycling Hashtag would you like to see created?  Let’s hear about it and we’ll help you get it out there and trending.

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  • http://scorcher.org/ Jym Dyer

    =v= I’ve noticed a new set, community edited here:


    Certainly #bikeNYC has been getting a lot of use; other cities, a little bit as well.

    • http://twitter.com/lovingthebike Darryl

      Hi Jym, yes that directory was actually put together by our contributor, Joe Anthony from Bike Commute News. There are a lot of location specific tags and it’s great to see them being used. Thanks for checking out the post.


  • Bamboo Cyclist

    I would have to say that #bikeschool is my favorite and most interactive #. It’s where I can meet with friends and have fun every Thursday night. It’s really the only # I’ve taken an interest in. I’m not sure about creating any on my own, I’m not sure if I want to trend or would rather help others to trend. Let’s # tomorrow Darryl.

  • Bznbybike

    please also keep in mind the location specific hashtags from Bike Commute News (#bikeBZN) and we here in Bozeman have been using #ridethroughwinter to chronicle our fun this winter.

    • http://twitter.com/lovingthebike Darryl

      Yes, Joe and Bike Commute News will be providing posts on a lot of these in the weeks to come. I hadn’t heard for #ridethroughwinter…did you create it? We could do a feature on that one.

    • Bamboo Cyclist

      Biking through Bozeman through the winter is awesome. I spent a brief moment there but spent more time in Missoula. Great riding in Montana and the community is strong. I had no idea.

  • http://twitter.com/PedalmanTO PedalmanTO

    #KTRSD Keep the Rubber Side Down – enough said.

    • http://twitter.com/lovingthebike Darryl

      I know I’ve already seen #KTRSD being used….let’s be sure to keep it going, my friend.