Hashtag Tuesday: #twowheeltuesday

This is the first post in @lovingthebike’s #HashtagTuesday series. Every Tuesday we’ll be talking about the latest popular cycling tags on Twitter.  I am collaborating with Joe Anthony of @bikecommutenews for this feature and Joe is kicking things off with the story of #twowheeltuesday and what it has to do with Austin Nichols from the TV show One Tree Hill. Between the two of us, we’ll be sharing some super cool Twitter # stories each week so be sure to tune in to Loving the Bike every Tuesday.

Don’t know what Twitter #’s are?  Learn more about them right here or over here.


- by Joe Anthony

If you’ve been following @bikecommutenews or @lovingthebike on Twitter, you know we love bikey hashtags. Each tag, creative, crowd-sourced, community generated and supported, becomes its own unique Twitter community. We’ll be talking about some of the more popular cycling tags and their origins Tuesdays on lovingthebike.com for at least the next few weeks…probably much longer.

Speaking of Tuesday, our first and very popular, hashtag is #twowheeltuesday.  #twowheeltuesday is a call for Tweeting cyclists to trade four wheels for two, at least for one day out of the week. Tuesdays. Cyclists use the hashtag to share where they’re riding, why, or just to encourage others to ride instead of drive.

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