My Grandma’s Bike

This is my second post on Loving the Bike and this one is about my Grandma’s bike.

She got her bike for her 12th birthday.  Before that, she tried to learn how to ride a bike on her older brother’s bike, but it was too big and she couldn’t learn how to ride.

My Grandma and I talked about her bike and she told me some memories.  Here are two of them:

She rode her bike to school during the spring and fall.  One day while riding to school she decided to take a short cut.  While riding through a field, she saw a garden snake and accidentally rode over it! After that, she said she didn’t take that short cut anymore.  I love snakes, so I was upset that my Grandma rode over one!  Don’t worry Grandma, I still love you.

Anyways, she also told me a cougar story.  She heard a story going around that there was a cougar in the area that she biked through to get to school.  She told me that she remembers biking so fast through there, always picturing a cougar sitting in a tree starring at her.  Luckily, nothing ever happened.

I really enjoyed having my Grandma share some of her biking memories with me, from a bike she had when she was my age.  Thank you, Grandma.


  • serena

    good for you

  • Eric Hutchins

    Hey Kassidy, I liked your post. I really loved my Grandma, she was an amazing woman who grew up in Hungary. She came across to the United States by herself when she was 18. She taught me so many things. Your Blog made me think about her, and it made me smile.
    Thank you.

  • Cycling For Beginners

    This is a great post Kassidy, and that’s a neat bike! Keep up the blogging!

  • Christine Pfrimmer

    That’s great Kassidy!
    What a cool way to connect with your grandma. I love her bike!
    Lots of love from my family in Switzerland :)

  • Clive Chapman

    Great post! My Granddad was a huge influence on me when I was a kid.

    Like the others have said, get all the stories you can from her, they’re your family history and they make your family what they are now!

  • VitaminLee

    This is priceless Kassidy!! I enjoy your writing style – that cougar bit makes me cringe. Grandmas ROCK!!

  • loretta

    Hi Hun,
    Loved your post.\you are a very good writer.\hope you are doing lots of riding in texas.I love you very much.

  • Myrna CG Mibus

    I love reading your posts, Kassidy. You are almost as tall as your Grandma!

    I hope you can meet my daughter, Rose, some day. You are about the same age and she likes biking, too :)

  • Loving the Bike

    Another awesome post, sweetie. I’m so proud and happy to have you as a regular contributor on the site now. Keep us the great job. Thanks also for working Grandma into the post….very cool.


  • Bryan

    Great post Kassidy. Our Grandparents always have some great stories and experiences to share.

  • bikerly

    I really like your posts, Kassidy. That picture with grandma is priceless, what a cool bike.

    Grandma’s are the greatest… make her tell you more stories!